European and American style decoration style model

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European and American style and modern simple decoration are the two most common decoration styles at present. The decoration of European and American style shows dignity and elegance everywhere, so it has always been welcomed by everyone. Today's Xiaobian has sorted out several sample rooms of European and American style decoration style for everyone to enjoy and learn from

the sofa and coffee table combination in the living room, coupled with the dark TV cabinet, set off a graceful atmosphere; The ceramic table lamp beside the tea table shows elegance and propriety, and the triptych decorative painting on the wall injects vitality into the space, which is in line with the American theme of "freedom and uninhibited"

the designer selects the star wallpaper that children like in the children's room, with a fresh blue space atmosphere

solid wood cabinets show elegant style, and the light colored marble floor tiles are clean and clear. While many people are infatuated with the "late night canteen", the healing of the kitchen at home is self-evident, and food gives people the warmest care




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