The painted wood door is noisy outside and elegant

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Qicaiwang wooden door has various styles and meets the aesthetic requirements of many people. Here, you can always find satisfactory ones

I have always believed that home is the warmest harbor in the journey of life. When I return home in the evening, I drink a warm hot drink, listen to some nostalgic music, stretch my tired body and mind, cook in person, cook some good dishes, and watch my family eat with relish. It's really a blessing. Outside the door is the noise of the city, inside the door is elegant and comfortable. In fact, the door of my home is also the door of life

home is where we rest and entertain, so we should have a comfortable and natural living environment. As a well-known brand in wooden doors, qicaiwang can provide customers with all the styles they want and create an exclusive space for every customer

whether it's Chinese style, warm and elegant style, simple style, or Mediterranean romantic style, you can choose from it

among them, the Chinese wooden door design is simple and elegant, with obvious cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation. This is the love of the older generation for traditional culture, which is very friendly, and is the best choice for installation in their parents' homes

the clean and simple style can always bring people a relaxed and comfortable feeling. There are not too many shapes, but more horizontal and vertical. It reveals an attitude towards life. Work and life should be simplified, and daily life should be full of sunshine

the romantic Mediterranean style expresses its romantic feelings by taking the blue of the sea as the base color, and the lines full of streamline and dreamy colors




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