Stanley home decoration of four rooms and two hall

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Simple European style design, elegant and simple color matching, with natural and fresh colors, gives people a bright, transparent, comfortable and leisurely sense of freedom

with natural and fresh colors, it is the most attractive

just like this simple European style design,

the color matching is elegant and simple,

gives people a bright, transparent, comfortable and leisurely sense of freedom

living room

Stanley home in the United States - Jane European living room

the overall beauty and atmosphere of the living room, the background wall decorative painting deepens the artistic flavor of the space, the gypsum line and gold painted decorative line appear very exquisite under the light, highlighting the strong atmosphere of Jane European style, while the use of Jane European TV cabinet, crystal chandelier, wall lamp and leather sofa creates a sense of dignity of European elegance and atmosphere, It reflects the residents' elegant life taste

TV cabinet

Stanley home in the United States - Jane European TV cabinet

the design of TV cabinet is also very practical and beautiful. In addition to the display of laminates and open cabinets, LED lights are also added as auxiliary lighting. Besides decoration, it can also create a romantic atmosphere

porch shoe cabinet

Stanley home in the United States - Jane European shoe cabinet

two color combination, simple and atmospheric, the wall design saves a lot of space, and the design of door cover cabinet, laminate, drawer and clothes hook ensures sufficient storage and display space. In addition, the middle bottom shoe area also has the function of sitting stool, which is very intimate


Stanley home in the United States - simple European dining side cabinet

functional design of dining side cabinet and wine cabinet greatly meets people's pursuit of quality life; The designer is also very attentive in color matching. The warm white door panel with glass design not only makes the restaurant look transparent and bright, but also makes people feel clean and generous; Qiao elm color cabinet makes the space full of natural freshness; Matching with European style curtains and crystal chandeliers, it shows the warm and comfortable life of residents

master bedroom

Stanley home - Jane Europe bedroom

the master bedroom is warm and comfortable, practical and beautiful. The wardrobe of the same color system echoes with the window cabinet from afar, which is simple, clear and atmospheric; The side laminate of the wardrobe + clothes hook design is convenient for the placement of bags, storage boxes, shoes, photo frames, green plants and temporary clothes, giving you convenience at your fingertips; I love floating window design most. Sitting by the window every day, overlooking the distant scenery, making a cup of coffee, listening to a music, or reading a book is the most pleasant time of the day

secondary bedroom

Stanley home in the United States - Jane's bedroom

the style of the secondary bedroom is the same as that of the master bedroom, but it is more personalized and casual in the wall decoration, dotted with orange tones, which is more beautiful and energetic; TV cabinet, wardrobe and desk cabinet are integrated, and are used with open laminate arc cabinet, so the space utilization and storage are stronger

multi functional tatami room

Stanley home in the United States - simple European tatami room

tatami room is also called multi-functional room, because it includes functions such as sleep, reading, storage, leisure, entertainment, etc. if the space at home is small and there are many storage needs, it is best to make a tatami combination cabinet. Of course, it's also very good to use it as a children's room


Stanley home in the United States - Jane Europe study

the study has excellent daylighting and is equipped with curtains with excellent light blocking performance to enhance aesthetics and comfort; The bookcase can be used for storage and display, and a decorative painting is hung in the middle, which has a very artistic atmosphere

balcony cabinet

Stanley home - Jane Europe balcony cabinet

if your balcony is messy and dirty and full of debris, you might as well install a balcony cabinet, which can not only help you achieve better storage, but also make the whole balcony cleaner





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