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Application of various fluorescent inks in silk printing (Part 2)

fast drying fluorescent inks

fast drying fluorescent inks are inks made by adding fluorescent pigments to fast drying connecting materials. The ink has good brightness and flexibility, and is suitable for outdoor poster printing. Most of them are dried by evaporation. They must be printed with painted silk plates such as photographic type, water-based film layer type, glue ink type, and knife cut paper plate

when fluorescent ink is to be printed on a non white surface, 2. When using a plastic tensile machine, the surface should first be coated with a white bottom. Fast drying fluorescent ink can be printed on uncoated cloth labels, pigments and nylon. When you do not know whether the ink is bonded to the printing surface, you should make a test

the service life of fluorescent ink printing products is determined by the ink rather than the product itself. If the quick drying ink can prevent direct sunlight, the service life of printing products can be greatly improved. In the absence of light, fluorescent ink printing products can always be preserved and maintain the original appearance

it takes about 30 minutes for quick drying ink to dry naturally. Mechanical drying can shorten the time to 30 seconds to 2 minutes

a well ventilated area is required for printing and drying. The drying process must be completed as soon as possible to prevent rubbing and dirt during printing stacking. The single blade doctor blade can produce an ink layer thickness of about 0.0025~0.0038 cm. After printing, the plate can be cleaned with paint thinner, toluene, xylene, naphtha or solvent recommended by the manufacturer. Indoor products can be printed with number8xx~14xx silk; Outdoor products can be printed with number8xx~10xx silk

after large outdoor advertisements are made, it is recommended to clean them with clean water, because the pastes absorb ultraviolet rays and weaken the luster of fluorescent ink

oil based fluorescent ink

if the oil-based fluorescent ink can print well, the brightness can be maintained for the same time as the quick drying ink, and the outdoor printing can be maintained for about 3~6 months. It takes 1~4 hours for the ink to dry through oxidative polymerization, which is mainly related to the printing substrate, ink layer thickness and workshop conditions. It can also accelerate the drying of the ink by means of gas heating, infrared ray and spraying desiccant that everyone else suffers losses. It can also be dried with the drying method of ordinary ink. Oil based fluorescent inks can be used for most silk screen printing, and can be printed on paper, wood, glass, metal, decal paper and other surfaces with white primer. The ink can be printed with 8~16 silk

oil based fluorescent ink can be diluted with mineral spirits or solvents recommended by the manufacturer. The letters should be printed in bold with certain contrast, which will be very helpful to attract more Mongolian young people to learn Chinese. Do not overprint the varnish on the ink, it will weaken the fluorescent effect

do not mix oil-based ink with fast drying fluorescent ink. For wide advertising printing with oil-based fluorescent ink, it is also necessary to clean the pastes with clean water

luminous fluorescent inks

the fluorescent inks described above are all daylight fluorescent inks. The following describes luminous fluorescent inks. Luminous fluorescent ink has been the best application in silk printing. The ink is sensitive to "noctilucent". Sometimes people call the color of luminous fluorescent ink "invisible light", because it is neutral or close to white under sunlight or incandescent lamp. Most luminous fluorescent inks are no different from ordinary inks in the daytime, but they can emit brilliant brilliance under luminous lamps or near ultraviolet lamps. The light source may be a mercury lamp or a luminous fluorescent lamp. The biggest difference between luminous fluorescent ink and daylight fluorescent ink is that the latter can emit light in both daylight and noctilucent, while the former only emits light in noctilucent

the printing of luminous fluorescent ink is similar to that of daylight fluorescent ink. It can not be mixed with ordinary ink, because in the night light, ordinary ink will affect the luminous effect of fluorescent ink. In addition, the printer shall operate according to the manufacturer's instructions

to sum up, fluorescent ink plays the role of finishing point in silk printing, and its use brings brilliant colors to silk printing

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