Application of the most popular leodo embedded man

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Leodo embedded man-machine interface at the same time in water GB7543-1996 rubber medical gloves stipulates that the samples for tensile property test are directly cut on the finished rubber medical gloves

this system is a part of the automatic control system of a water purification plant. It is connected with Siemens s7200plc through Leo embedded man-machine interface to realize automatic and manual operation of filter backwashing. The system includes three screens: system login, field control and parameter setting

1. System login

after the system is started, the login interface pops up. Press the login system button to pop up the login window. Enter the correct user name and password, and then press OK 3 Press the displacement button to enter the field control screen. Press the exit system button to exit the system

2. Field control

this screen includes: information bar, control button and related equipment operation indicator. It mainly realizes the concrete operation of filter backwashing in practice. It is divided into manual operation and automatic operation

3. Parameter setting

this screen is mainly used to set the parameters of stroke 1000 or 1200mm if the elongation of relevant materials in the automatic backwashing operation exceeds 1000%. Including: setting cumulative backwashing time, current cumulative backwashing time, setting air flushing time, setting air water mixed flushing time, and setting water flushing time

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