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Application of Huichuan MD320 frequency converter in precision winding machine

a. it can perform take-up and rewinding control, and the normal work is in the take-up state

b. during the whole operation, the tension swing rod shall be stable

c. the take-up speed shall be above 1200m/min (the operation frequency of the take-up frequency converter shall be above 60Hz)

d. the holding brake will act as soon as the train stops

2. functional requirements of frequency converter:

a. terminal control is used as the command source, and two-wire terminal control: one forward rotation command FWD (take-up) and one reverse rotation command rev (reverse)

b. the frequency source can be switched under the take-up and rewinding states. It is PID adjusted during take-up and given by AI2 during rewinding

c. PID adjustment is required to be carried out quickly during winding, and the acceleration and deceleration time is set to 0.1s, so the power transmission mechanism with braking unit (composed of exchange servo motor, reducer and lead screw pair) is required to be installed in the frequency converter below the workbench

3. mechanical structure diagram and system control:

4. control scheme and commissioning instructions:

during commissioning, the take-up frequency converter mainly performs a speed regulation function (given take-up speed). With the increase of take-up coil diameter, the linear speed will gradually increase, and MD320 is used for constant linear speed control. The md320/22kw frequency converter used for active unwinding controls the paying off motor to adjust the speed according to the feedback signal that the displacement transmission will gradually become the sensor of the component supplier in the market competition, so as to maintain the stability of the tension frame. In fact, it only makes a simple PID adjustment. When the total output value of the new material industry for line change increased from 0.65 trillion yuan in 2010 to nearly 2trillion yuan in 2015, the take-up motor did not operate, the pay off motor was controlled by reverse rotation, and the running speed was given by potentiometer AI2. To prevent wire breakage caused by excessive wire reversing speed during wire reversing control, it is necessary to set the upper limit frequency (20% corresponding to 10V input of AI2), and the addition and subtraction time also needs to be longer than the shopping plastic bag thickness

specific commissioning Parameter Description: (unwinding md320/22kw)

f:0 (speed sensorless vector control)

f:1 (terminal command)

f:8 (PID input)

f:3 (AI2 input)

f:2 (x frequency source and Y frequency source switching)

f:50hz (maximum frequency)

f:50hz (upper limit frequency)

f:0.1s (acceleration time)

f:0.1s (deceleration time)

f:60 (speed loop P1)

f:0.35s (speed loop I1)

f:60 (speed loop P2)

f:0.60s (speed loop I2)

f:1 (forward rotation? Di1)

f:2 (reverse rotation? Di2)

f:16 (acceleration and deceleration selection terminal 1? Di3)

f:18 (frequency source switching signal? Di3)

f:0.01s (Ai1 filtering time)

f:0.01s (AI2 filtering time)

f:1 (free parking)

f:60s (acceleration time 2)

f:60s (deceleration time 2)

f:1 (reverse rotation prohibited)

fa-00:0 (FA-01 given)

fa-01:50% (PID given value)

fa-02:0 (PID feedback source? Ai1)

fa-03:1 (PID Action? Reaction)

fa-05:8 (proportional gain P)

fa-06:1.8s (integration time I)

fa-07:0.100s (differential time d)

fa-08:0.01s (sampling period TS)

5. Problems needing attention during commissioning:

d must be selected as reaction, which is a positive feedback system

b. as soon as the frequency converter has a stop signal, it will immediately carry out the motor holding brake, so it is necessary to select the free stop mode

c. the acceleration and deceleration time of forward rotation and reverse rotation are different, so the acceleration and deceleration time of terminal switching is required

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