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The development of manufacturing industry has made robots widely used. In terms of types, there are stacking robots, spot welding robots, arc welding robots, spraying robots, handling robots, measuring robots, etc. This paper makes an in-depth discussion on the most important control systems of Spraying Robots and their equipment

robots have been used in the field of inkjet painting for more than 20 years in the world. Minhit company of the United States, hatel company of Germany and fudge company of the United Kingdom used this technology earlier, which had a far-reaching impact on the development of robot and printing industry. At that time, MK H16 robot was used, and the flow control system combining gas and liquid was adopted

Since the 1980s, hatel company has adopted the air pressure controlled intermittent flow control system for the first time on the H16 robot. It is equipped with a built-in valve of the suction device, which can avoid the initial pollution. In the early 1990s, the first trial operation was carried out on the bergerlahr robot automatic spraying equipment, and the coating flow control device was simply installed, which made a qualitative leap in the spraying quality. With the continuous innovation of spraying robot technology and the unprecedented improvement of spraying accuracy, spraying robots have been widely used in developed countries in the world. Since the 1990s, with the development of economy, spraying robots have been used and popularized in China

the spraying robot is convenient, fast, accurate, safe and non-toxic, avoiding acute or chronic poisoning caused by human contact with toxic coatings during manual spraying, which will affect the health of people who have been engaged in this work for a long time. In order to achieve the purpose of safe production, even if gold, platinum and diamond are higher than this, the German bergerlahr company has made several improvements to the original spraying robot system since 1984. The most important thing for automatic spraying is to always maintain a sufficient amount of multi-color paint in the nozzle of the pipeline. As previously mentioned. The flow control device always monitors the amount of paint according to the preset tolerance range. If there is a certain amount of paint accumulated, such as paint blockage or glue nozzle damage, the system pressure will change automatically, and an integrated pressure sensor (pressure sensor) will automatically give an unqualified signal

1. Control system

according to the experience gained from using this control device system, bergerlahr company has developed a set of control system for dynamic response flow, which is the flow control system

the task of the flow control system is to always check the amount of glue applied according to the preset tolerance range, and balance or compensate through the installed automatic regulating valve in case of positive and negative deviation

the regulating valve in the flow control system is electrically controlled, which cancels the hydraulic control circuit commonly seen. This electrically controlled control valve can ensure that the action time is less than 30ms. The integrated structure and light weight of the regulating valve make it possible to be used in fast-moving robots without difficulty. The complete valve body unit of the regulating valve can be replaced quickly, eliminating the adjustment work necessary for the static regulating valve. Since the temperature must be monitored during the production process, a temperature sensor with temperature compensation is installed in the control valve. The coating characteristic curve and temperature related concentration curve stored by the controller are adjusted according to the target temperature and coating amount of each section. Hose thermoregulation, which is often used in other systems, is no longer used here

2. The flow control assembly, which has proved its reliability for many years, makes it easy to disassemble and replace parts. The amount of robot automatic spraying is determined according to the production demand. As long as the parameters are given in advance, the system will automatically program and control according to the menu. The operator of the control system does not need to master a special programming language recently. In order to make the operation more comfortable, the control system is equipped with a remote control device, which can realize such functions as basic commissioning, ventilation, flushing, etc. Program modification or adjustment is controlled by menu, and is completed through keyboard and screen display or clear text description. During mass production, it is also necessary to monitor such items as coating fluidity, medium temperature difference, coating viscosity, output, air inlet and speed. In case of deviation from the theoretical value or bubble overflow, the control valve will automatically correct within the preset tolerance range. Forced air intake at high speed will lead to the change of spraying path, which is not allowed after the continuous voltage sensor is installed. The system will think that the batching is incorrect and stop batching. The machine will stop working and display accordingly. Through the curve analysis of each batching process, the working quality between the robot and the spraying system can be greatly improved. Thus, such as spraying speed, beat, etc. can be programmed, controlled and optimized. The sensor on the control valve allows the batching to be operated without manual work. The system can be adjusted to any step of the program through the selection switch with corresponding display. The flow control system ensures that the amount of paint is equal when using a single hole nozzle and a double hole nozzle. The system can complete various functions according to requirements, with comfortable and simple operation

the main advantage of the flow control system is automatic temperature difference compensation; The control valve can be easily replaced without readjustment; Through the simple automatic storage program, the control valve can complete various functions, and carry out chart data processing for the batching process, so that the quality can be significantly improved

3. Economic benefits

the successful application of spraying robot has brought very obvious economic benefits to users. First of all, the quality of printing products has been greatly improved, and the qualified rate of products has reached more than 99%, which has improved the competitiveness of enterprises. Secondly, it has greatly improved labor productivity, thereby increasing output, reducing prices and increasing market share. (end)

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