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The application of Jingcheng software MES in Tokyo Jigang Changzhou Co., Ltd.

the construction of Tokyo Jigang TRCZ SW production management system will closely focus on the company's SW products to enable all personnel to have a happy and peaceful 2018 Spring Festival purchase and warehousing, P acid pickling, FD raw material wiredrawing, FB electroplating, SW final wiredrawing, gross weighing and packaging, quality inspection, scrapping, finished product warehousing and warehousing, This system can effectively improve the company's management in inventory accuracy and lean production, improve production efficiency and accuracy of data collection, strengthen the company's data management at the basic business level, and create a lean production management system integrating procurement, planning, production, warehousing, logistics, quality, financial accounting and business analysis

system architecture design

Tokyo makgang TRCZ SW production management system project is based on the actual needs of Tokyo makgang company, combined with the successful implementation of MES system in Japan's Beishang factory, and based on bar code, PDA and wireless communication technology, it integrates the special needs of many industrial enterprises to help Tokyo makgang company establish a perfect bar code production execution management system, which is an enterprise to improve its management level, The best solution for efficient management

the system adopts c Net platform development, b/s network architecture, SQL Server2008 database, leading technology, suitable for multi factory real-time collaboration and large amount of data collection

the process design of the system is based on the existing SW product process flow. The whole process of raw material purchase and warehousing, quality inspection, picking, acid pickling, raw material drawing, electroplating, final drawing and quality inspection, weighing, packaging, finished product warehousing and delivery is barcode managed, and the whole process from raw materials to semi-finished products, and products in process to finished products is traced

system function design

the TRCZ SW production management system of the Tokyo system includes production plan management, production process management, on-site data collection, quality management, in warehouse management, comprehensive statistical analysis, basic information management and system management. The background realizes the integration of all businesses through the automatic erp/scm interface

system application benefits

unique barcode management throughout the process

data collection of production process

quality control of production process

WIP, rework and production progress in the production process, work order tracking, equipment management Quality traceability, transparent production process management, seamless integration of ERP SCM system, accurate graphical analysis report, efficient and accurate decision-making of the management, overall improvement of efficiency and competitiveness...

about TRCZ, with a registered capital of 7.145 billion yen and a total investment of 13billion yen, was established in June, 2005. It is the largest Japanese funded enterprise in Changzhou, As the second production base of steel cord and saw wire of Tokyo makang Co., Ltd., it integrates R & D, production and sales. The steel cord produced by the company is widely used in all kinds of radial tires, including passenger car tires, light truck tires and truck tires

about EAS software

EAS software is a high-tech enterprise and dual software enterprise in Zhongguancun High Tech Park. Founded in 2002, it is the most professional MES bar code production and execution system in China. It has successfully developed high-strength T1000 series carbon fiber management software solutions for telecommunications, energy, aerospace, automotive Provide targeted enterprise management software solutions in the fields of electronics and manufacturing, and realize the R & D and project implementation of various application systems based on the bar code technology and pda/rfid mobile computing technology that discuss the role and future development direction of the material pulling machine

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