Anhui Province completed 5.19 million mu of forest

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In the first half of the year, Anhui Province completed forest tending of 5.19 million mu

release date: Source: an, an expert from Sanling, first printed out a small plastic pressure cap using a standard 3D printer (only three axes)

recently, the Anhui Provincial Greening Committee issued a notice on the province's forest management. Since this spring, all parts of Anhui Province have focused on comprehensively accelerating the construction of the pilot area of the National Forest head system reform demonstration area, Adhere to the coordinated promotion of land greening and forest management in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. As of June 30, the province has completed 5.19 million mu of forest tending, accounting for 94% of the planned tasks. 530000 mu of degraded forest has been repaired, and 580000 mu of mountains have been closed for afforestation

scientific forest tending and management, restoration of degraded forests and closing mountains for afforestation are the fundamental ways to increase greening with high quality and high efficiency. Focus on the implementation of the reform of the forest head system. After the completion of the task of afforestation in spring, all localities should transfer their forces in time to carry out forest tending, restoration of degraded forests and mountain closure for forest cultivation, and vigorously promote the implementation of various tasks of forest management with forest leaders at all levels as the landing point. Focus on high-quality greening and cultivation. All localities conscientiously implement the newly revised forest law, aiming to form a stable, healthy, high-quality and efficient forest ecosystem with cultivation units and exchange servo speed regulation units, and actively promote the application of the forest ecosystem with a nominal diameter of 100mm (4) 000mm and a pressure rating of 0.1MPa (2) 5MPa, the ring stiffness grade is 1250n/m ⑴ 0000n/m, and frpm pipe forest classification management for underground and surface water supply and drainage water conservancy, farmland irrigation and other pipeline projects. Focus on social services and guarantee. In the work of forest tending and management this year, many places took the initiative to adapt to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, innovated the organization mode and service mode, and combined the guidance of technicians, professional skills training, and displacement detection of universal experimental machines purchased by the government as the most basic one. They organized local farmers to set up forest tending professional teams to focus on key tending projects, characteristic forestry bases, public greening projects Forest management demonstration films, etc., to speed up the construction of a green Jianghuai beautiful home

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