Anhui Province plans to study and establish an aut

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Anhui Province plans to study and establish an automatic driving technology system for operating vehicles

people can be identified by Palmprint and vein features, and people can be quickly identified and locked by video images. The health monitoring of the elderly is supervised by intelligent housekeepers. Plastic granulators are also China's energy consuming household control... These ideas about smart life will be realized in Anhui in the future

on May 29, Anhui Province issued the "development plan for the new generation of AI industry in Anhui Province (2018-2030)", clarifying the development direction of AI industry in Anhui Province. It is understood that last year, the output value of the core AI industry in Anhui Province was close to 7billion yuan, and an AI industry ecosystem from infrastructure, technology, products to applications has been preliminarily established

the output value of Anhui's artificial intelligence core industry is nearly 7billion yuan

Where is Anhui's confidence in developing a new generation of artificial intelligence industry

Anhui Province has universities and scientific research institutions such as the University of science and technology of China, Hefei University of technology, Anhui University, Hefei academy of material sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and R & D institutions such as the National Engineering Laboratory for speech and language information processing, brain like intelligence technology and applications. It has gathered hundreds of upstream and downstream related enterprises represented by iFLYTEK, and has preliminarily constructed the infrastructure, technology Product to application artificial intelligence industry ecosystem. In 2017, the output value of artificial intelligence core industry in our province was close to 7billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 46.3%, accounting for about 9.8% in the country

in recent years, the number and influence of AI patents applied in Anhui Province have been ranked among the top in the country

more importantly, the automobile and home appliance industries are the traditional advantageous industries in our province, which occupy an important position in the industrial structure. Intelligent coupling and driverless car can realize various safety protection methods such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, limit and so on; Smart home appliances are the future development trend of automobile and home appliance industry, which provides a broad market space for the application and industrialization of artificial intelligence technology

in the future, people can be identified with Palmprint and vein features

people can be quickly identified with Palmprint and hand vein features, and accurate identification of large-scale populations can be achieved? Such new technology may be the first to be conquered in Anhui in the future

according to the plan, aiming at the artificial intelligence industry, our province plans to achieve a breakthrough in theoretical technology and key technology

on the basis of cutting-edge theories, break through the problems of unsupervised learning and the use of empirical memory; Research on low-cost and low-energy sensors and intelligent sensing technology, and break through the active sensing technology to adapt to complex scenes

carry out research on the basic theory and architecture of new generation biometric recognition technology, as well as research on high-precision biometric recognition system based on Palmprint and vein hand features, and make a breakthrough in recognition algorithm for accurate identification of large-scale populations

in terms of core technologies, it relies on the research and development foundation of universities and enterprises in artificial intelligence and big data core algorithms to promote the development of basic supporting algorithms such as brain like dialogue robots, machine vision, collaborative optimization, image recognition, voice emotion and big data intelligence

the health monitoring of the elderly envisaged in the future is all entrusted to the intelligent housekeeper

AI seems to be a "tall and powerful" cutting-edge technology, but in fact, it is also closely related to our lives. One of the goals of technology development is to build a safe and convenient intelligent society for us

for example, carry out the construction of smart schools, develop three-dimensional comprehensive teaching fields, learning intelligent education platforms based on big data, develop intelligent education assistants, and realize the customization of daily education and lifelong education

in terms of intelligent medicine, we will develop intelligent medical guidance robots, surgical assistant robots, artificial intelligence medical image assistant diagnosis system, voice electronic medical record system, cognitive medical assistant inquiry system, surgical intelligent equipment, intelligent endoscope system, etc., so as to improve the diagnosis and treatment level and work efficiency of doctors and promote the construction of intelligent hospitals. Strengthen the intelligent health management of typical chronic disease groups, break through key technologies such as health big data analysis and medical IOT, develop intelligent health detection and monitoring equipment suitable for community popularization and home application, promote the management of chronic diseases, and realize the continuous management of the process of the WindowsXP operating system platform from in-hospital treatment to out of hospital rehabilitation

in addition, our province will also build intelligent elderly care communities and institutions, and develop intelligent home-based elderly care equipment such as elderly health monitoring equipment, audio-visual aids, physical AIDS, sleep aids and emotional caregivers

big data and artificial intelligence envisaged in the future will help make decisions intelligent

in a word, apps can recognize and translate. Such intelligent voice technology has been popularized in daily life. In the future, it will be used in all aspects of social management

the plan proposes that our province will comprehensively use big data, cloud computing, IOT and other information technologies to improve the intelligent level of social governance in view of the structural information barriers existing in the field of traditional social governance

in terms of intelligent government affairs, we should develop an intelligent government service platform suitable for government services and decision-making, develop a decision-making engine for an open environment, and promote its application in major strategic decisions such as policy evaluation, public opinion monitoring, research and judgment of complex social problems, risk early warning, emergency disposal, etc

the judicial work will also be more intelligent. Our province will build a smart court data platform that integrates trial, not only the experiment will not be very successful, but also judgment, personnel, data application, judicial openness and dynamic monitoring, further increase intelligent applications such as intelligent trial support, court trial speech recognition, intellectual error correction, court trial automatic patrol and big data service, and build a judicial artificial intelligence system

the future vision is to study and establish a

automatic driving technology system for operating vehicles

in terms of urban management, promote the intellectualization of the whole life cycle of urban planning, construction, management and operation

in addition, research and establish the technical system of automatic driving of operating vehicles and vehicle road coordination, develop information platforms such as intelligent transportation integrated app and intelligent parking, and provide convenient services for public travel and parking. Research and develop a multi-dimensional transportation information integrated big data application platform under complex scenes, realize intelligent transportation guidance and integrated operation coordination and command, and build an intelligent transportation monitoring, management and service system covering the ground, rail, low altitude and water areas

our province will also serve the construction of intelligent prevention and control system for environmental protection and sudden environmental events in major strategic regions such as the Yangtze River economic belt, establish an intelligent monitoring big data platform system covering environmental fields such as atmosphere, water and soil, and build an intelligent environmental monitoring network and service platform that integrates land and sea, integrates heaven and earth, cooperates up and down, and shares information

in the future, artificial intelligence technology will be used in public security and food safety.

the plan proposes that our province will promote the in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the field of public security in combination with the situation of comprehensive management of social security, build an intelligent monitoring, early warning and control system of public security, and constantly enhance the people's sense of security

security and police will also be intelligent. By serving the needs of strengthening the police through science and technology, we will strengthen the intelligent transformation and upgrading of security equipment in key public areas, develop intelligent security and police products that integrate a variety of detection and sensing technologies, video image information analysis and recognition technologies, and biometric recognition technologies, and build an intelligent monitoring and early warning platform for public security, Support conditional communities or cities to carry out demonstration of public security areas based on artificial intelligence

food safety will also use intelligent supervision to serve the needs of food safety risk prevention and control, strengthen the guarantee of artificial intelligence for food safety, develop convenient and rapid detection technologies and equipment around food classification, early warning level, food safety hazards and evaluation, and establish an intelligent food safety early warning system

in terms of intelligent monitoring, early warning and comprehensive response to major natural disasters, our province will strengthen the effective monitoring of natural disasters by artificial intelligence, and build an intelligent monitoring, early warning and comprehensive response platform around major natural disasters such as earthquake disasters, geological disasters, meteorological disasters, floods and droughts

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