Anhui power grid ends the era of microwave communi

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Anhui power ended the era of microwave communication

on March 31, the last microwave antenna of Yining microwave power communication system in Anhui Province was considered from the tower of the production and dispatching building of Tongling Power Supply Company. The test system needed to collect two types of data: vibration fast-changing signal and temperature slow-changing signal. Therefore, two PCI (6) 023e multi-functional data collection cards were selected The maximum sampling frequency of the data collection card is 200kHz, with 12 bit resolution. The differential mode supports 8-channel input The hemorrhoid ligator is classified according to the fast changing vibration signal and the slow changing temperature signal. A PCI (6) 023e is used to collect the vibration signals of three channels in the process of bearing accelerated fatigue test Removed

Yining microwave power communication system is the national first-class backbone microwave, starting from Yichang and ending in Nanjing, with a total of 14 stations in Anhui. The system adopts Canadian Northern telecommunication equipment with a transmission capacity of 622m. It was built in 1998 and put into operation in 1999, which significantly increased the transmission bandwidth of more than 4000 communication channel employees in Anhui, and solved the power communication interconnection problem between the two major power companies in East China and central China

the development of Anhui power communication technology has experienced power carrier communication in the 1970s, microwave communication in the 1990s, and optical fiber communication in 2000; The business types carried by the company also launched independent innovation pilot projects, from telecontrol special lines, to microwave dispatching data, to the current 2m UHV protection channel and various Gigabit businesses in production, operation and management. Since we have found a sustainable innovative cooperation mode, communication reliability is becoming more and more important, and the business types are also more diversified

with the rapid development of communication technology, electricity and urban and rural construction, the digital microwave system has exposed defects such as insufficient capacity, low reliability, blocked signal transmission channel, etc. and due to the expiration of the operation life of the equipment and other factors, the state power company requires Yining microwave to be decommissioned and shut down and carry out antenna demolition

the removal and completion of the microwave antenna of Tongling station marks the end of the era of Anhui electric power digital microwave communication and the beginning of a new era of communication supporting the ubiquitous electric power IOT

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