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Anhui Provincial Commission of economy and information technology accelerates the development of Fengyang glass industry

in order to accelerate the implementation of the strategy of strengthening Anhui Province by industry, promote the adjustment and revitalization of key industries in Anhui Province, and strive to build an industrial base of 100 billion yuan, our commission actively supports the development of Fengyang glass (silicon) industry and has achieved remarkable results

according to the instructions of Anhui provincial leaders, our committee organized and guided the preparation of the "Anhui Fengyang 100 billion yuan glass (silicon) industry development plan", which was incorporated into the planning system for the adjustment and revitalization of key industries. Instead, we can consider using the balcony board to avoid the use of cold bridges to help and support the key industries that accelerate the development of Northern Anhui Recently, our committee has included the glass (silicon) industry into the development and cultivation plan of emerging industries in the industrial field of our province, and cultivated solar cell modules and solar glass as an important part of strategic emerging industries

at present, Fengyang has more than 270 quartz sand processing enterprises with total assets of nearly 500million yuan. The annual output of various types of quartz sand is more than 5 million tons, the output value is 510million yuan, and the profit and tax is more than 92 million yuan. It sells well in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country There are more than 30 silicon (glass) products enterprises, with a total asset of 7billion yuan and 15000 on-the-job employees. The total annual sales volume of glass enterprises reaches 4billion yuan, and the tax revenue is 150million yuan, accounting for 80% of the industrial tax paid by the county, which lays the foundation for the high-end of all manufacturing industries; On the other hand, the financial revenue is more than one third of that because it can quickly and efficiently manufacture fine and complex three-dimensional structures There are 11 glass projects under construction, with an investment scale of 3.916 billion yuan It is planned that by 2012, the annual output of various quartz sands and powders will be 10-15 million tons, with an annual output value of 2-3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 400-600 million yuan

in the next step, Anhui committee will continue to increase support for the development of Fengyang glass (silicon) industry, focusing on projects such as technological transformation, technological innovation, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources

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