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Anhui Tongling Bureau of quality supervision took the initiative to promote quality improvement

our reporter (xiabaoshan) 2018 is the year of quality improvement action, Anhui Tongling Bureau of quality supervision took the initiative to carry out quality improvement activities throughout the city

report from our correspondent (xiabaoshan) as the year of quality improvement action in 2018, Tongling Municipal Bureau of quality supervision of Anhui Province took positive actions and took the initiative to carry out quality improvement activities throughout the city

carry out extensive research activities. The Bureau set up five working groups to carry out research activities in each county and Economic Development Zone, comprehensively and thoroughly understand the quality level and deficiencies of products and services in each jurisdiction, and identify the shortcomings of quality improvement

determine the key points of quality improvement. Zhou Jisheng, the chief designer of Guangdong Xingsheng Aircraft Design Co., Ltd., said that after the aircraft disintegrated or exploded, the "four fold" activities to improve the quality of key industrial parks, key products and services, key industries and key enterprises were held, and key industries such as valves, chemicals, Fengdan, agricultural products and so on, such as new copper based materials, which are of great significance to production enterprises, were identified, focusing on 60 key enterprises and making precise efforts, Identify key areas of quality improvement

comprehensively carry out quality service. With the goal of "zero service distance and zero quality defects", we will promote "Internet + government services". Organize and mobilize inspection and testing technical institutions and social organizations to provide standards, metrology, certification and recognition, inspection and testing technical services, and comprehensively consolidate the foundation for quality improvement

highlight the leading role of the brand. Taking striving for quality awards at all levels as the starting point, we will promote the introduction of advanced management methods into enterprises. Two enterprises and one individual strive for the quality award of Anhui provincial government if you want to operate more safely, stably and accurately in the later stage; With the goal of striving for a brand, we will improve the core competitiveness of products and services in the city, and 16 enterprises will strive for Anhui famous brands

promote quality improvement with standards. We will widely carry out benchmarking activities among enterprises in the city to promote the establishment of group standards such as Tongling Baijiang and Tongling Fengdan, and support qualified enterprises to participate in the formulation of national and industrial standards, and build and make good use of Tongling standard information service platform

set up a quality demonstration benchmark. We will carry out the construction of quality demonstration sites in the city's five major areas of products, projects, services, jurisdictions and departments, and build 18 quality demonstration sites and 4 quality education demonstration bases

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