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Anhui Wanda Logistics Co., Ltd.

was founded in 1998, located at No. 1080 Heyu Road, Hefei. It is a professional transportation company approved and registered by the State Administration for Industry and commerce

after years of hard work, the enterprise has grown stronger and stronger. In recent years, it has successively established the first logistics department (within the company), the second Logistics Department (Tangqiao parking lot), the third logistics department (Dadian Logistics Park), the fourth Logistics Department (high tech Development Zone), the fifth Logistics Department (Economic Development Zone), Chengdu Branch, Shanghai Branch, vehicle management department, warehousing, logistics service department and other relevant functional departments, It has developed into a professional logistics enterprise integrating transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, parking, repair, less than carload freight and vehicle management

the vehicle management department is located in Huaining Road, Hefei (opposite to the municipal vehicle administration office), which manages more than 100 large, medium and small trucks of all kinds in the company. It is the civilized window unit of the company. The Department has an active and promising management team with modern logistics awareness and a group of skilled and conscientious employees. It has won many awards from the headquarters of the company and won the unanimous affirmation and praise of many customers

with the continuous development of the market economy, the competition in the industry will increase day by day. In order to quickly form the competitiveness of enterprises and adapt to the development of the market, the company breaks the previous mode of self purchase vehicles and self transportation, and absorbs a large number of vehicles from all kinds of society. We will integrate the transportation resources of companies, enterprises and individuals through the comprehensive platform of various logistics branches like Wanda, Provide accurate logistics and transportation services for group and individual customers to meet the different requirements of different levels, serve enterprises faster, more accurately and more economically, and senior executives frequently show "high-speed rail diplomacy", create more, bigger and better economic benefits for car owners, and achieve a win-win situation for customers, companies and car owners

address: no.1080 Heyu Road, Hefei, Anhui Province

postal code: 230031



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