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Anhui: five measures to promote supply side reform

focusing on the five goals and tasks of "de capacity, de inventory, deleveraging, cost reduction and short board", in 2016, five measures to promote supply side structural reform in Anhui Province, the first task is to actively and safely dispose of "zombie enterprises". Supply side structural reform is a major policy innovation to adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development. In 2016, our province will focus on the active and safe disposal of zombie enterprises, accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology and other five measures in recent years, accelerate the matching of supply structure and demand structure, and enhance the balance and stability of economic growth

focusing on the five major goals and tasks of reducing production capacity, inventory, leverage, cost reduction and weaknesses, in 2016, our province took five measures simultaneously to promote the supply side structural reform, and the primary task is to actively and safely deal with zombie enterprises. According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 1040 extremely poor enterprises in the province, such as steel and coal, that urgently need to resolve excess capacity, including 126 Enterprises above medium-sized scale. Our province will adhere to the enterprise main body, government promotion, market guidance and disposal according to law, actively and steadily guide the reduction of excess capacity on the supply side in accordance with the requirements of doing a good job in increment, revitalizing the stock and taking the initiative to reduce, and realize market liquidation through mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring and bankruptcy liquidation

effectively reduce enterprise costs. In accordance with the deployment of the state and the province, we will comprehensively implement the action to reduce the costs of enterprises in the real economy, strive to reduce all kinds of unreasonable charges, especially monopoly intermediary service charges, reduce electricity prices, reduce logistics costs, and reduce the tax burden of enterprises. All localities will further implement the thermosetting automotive composites formed by linkbang rapid prototyping: the mechanism of supporting difficult enterprises with balanced characteristics for mass production, and take the initiative to interpret, implement and publicize various policies and measures to reduce costs, so as to further boost enterprise confidence and stabilize market expectations

pay attention to the prevention and control of financial risks. Properly resolve the risk of local government debt and promote the market-oriented transformation of government financing platforms. We should strengthen the management and prevention and control of debt default risks of enterprises in key industries, and prevent some highly indebted enterprises from evading or nullifying their debts. We will carry out special rectification of Internet financial risks, standardize all kinds of financing activities, resolutely curb the spread of illegal fund-raising, and prevent regional risks

strive to resolve real estate inventory. From both sides of supply and demand, we should take effective measures to speed up destocking and stabilize the real estate market. We should take improving the urbanization level of the registered residence population as the starting point, vigorously develop the housing rental market, strengthen the monetization reform of the greenhouse reform, and boost market expectations

in addition, our province will strive to make up for the shortcomings of development. Put innovation at the core of the overall development situation, thoroughly implement the innovation driven development strategy, take the development of strategic emerging industries as a breakthrough, strengthen the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of modern service industry, and accelerate the upgrading of agricultural modernization. Adhere to targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, and combine poverty alleviation with the expansion of effective supply. We will strengthen the construction of soft and hard infrastructure, accelerate the construction of the last kilometer of water and electricity roads and a new generation of information infrastructure, increase human capital investment, and comprehensively strengthen vocational skills training

fight hard for structural reform

this year is the beginning of the decisive stage of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and it is also a tough year to promote structural reform. The provincial economic work and urban work conference held a few days ago gave priority to strengthening supply side structural reform when deploying the main tasks of this year's economic work. This shows that to fight the tough battle of structural reform and focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the supply system is crucial to promoting healthy and sustainable economic and social development and achieving a good start to the 13th five year plan

at present, the economic operation of our province is generally stable, the industrial structure is adjusted faster, and the new kinetic energy with reform and innovation as the core is accelerated. But on the other hand, there are many difficulties and challenges. Weak effective demand and insufficient effective supply coexist, the driving force for the development of old and new industries is not connected, and the difficulties of the real economy are increasing. Fundamentally speaking, structural factors, especially supply side structural factors, are the crux of the problem. This is a historical pass that cannot be bypassed. Only by strengthening structural reform, expanding effective supply, and achieving more quality and effective development can we successfully pass the pass

promoting supply side structural reform is an inevitable requirement to adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development. We must focus on improving the adaptability and flexibility of the supply structure, optimize the stock, guide the increment, take the initiative to reduce, and consolidate the foundation of stable economic growth. What testing machines does the textile industry need to adhere to the strategy of making progress while maintaining stability Grasp the rhythm and strength, grasp the key tactically, fight the war of annihilation, correct the distortion of factor allocation, expand effective supply, and promote new economic development under the new normal

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