Anhui Province has been approved to establish a na

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Anhui Province has been approved to establish a national digital publishing base

the General Administration of publishing recently officially approved Anhui Province to establish a national digital publishing base. It mainly produces sweat tubes, anesthesia, respiratory and neurosurgery products. So far, the 10th National Digital Publishing Base in China has been settled in Anhui Province

according to the plan, Anhui national digital publishing base will focus on the development of e-books, digital newspapers and periodicals, network original literature, network map, digital music, network animation, network games, database publishing, publishing, Internet publishing, digital education, cross media composite publishing, on-demand publishing, digital printing and other emerging formats according to the model of one base and two parks (Hefei Park and Wuhu Park). We will strive to build the base into an industrial agglomeration area with multiple functions such as digital publishing technology business integrated services, digital publishing enterprise incubation, digital reading public services, digital publishing technology innovation, digital copyright protection and trade in three to five years. It is estimated that by 2015, the scale of digital publishing industry in the province driven by the base will reach 40billion yuan; By 2020, the total output value of digital publishing will reach 180billion yuan

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