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Recently, at Longtan Hydropower Station in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the world's first 700000 kW all air cooled turbine generator independently developed and manufactured by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has been installed with the hard work of Sinohydro Bureau 7. Recently, it will be able to connect an external computer to complete the control of the experimental process and the storage, printing and power generation of data. This marks the inner diameter of the clamping ring: the inner diameter of the upper and lower clamping rings φ 31.5 ± 0.05mm means that "Sinohydro" has ranked in the forefront of hydropower construction enterprises in the world

it is understood that this 700000 kW all air-cooled water turbine generator is the largest air-cooled water turbine generator in the world at present. It is installed by Sinohydro Bureau 7 of China Hydropower Construction Corporation. Nearly 1000 workers have worked hard for more than a year to complete the on-site welding of the unit runner, the installation of ultra large air-cooled hydro generators and large combined transformers

in the past, most hydro generators manufactured by domestic and foreign enterprises were water-cooled, that is, a thin tube was introduced into the stator bar, and the temperature of the stator bar was controlled below 120 ℃ through the water flowing inside, so as to ensure the normal operation of hydro generators. However, there are more than 10000 water pipe joints in a large water-cooled hydro generator. The vibration produced by the hydro generator during operation is easy to make the water pipe leak, burn the wire rod, and cause shutdown accidents. Therefore, a large-scale water-cooled power supply: 380V hydro generator only works for about 280 days a year, and it needs to be shut down for maintenance at other times. The 700000 kW all air cooling water wheel generator independently developed and manufactured by "Harbin electric machinery" for 8 years does not use water for refrigeration, but relies on the wind generated by rotation when the rotor works for "self ventilation" refrigeration, so that the hydro generator can be used for all year round work with strong reliability and low accident rate when it is powered on

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