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The development status of packaging machinery in the United States

according to the investigation and analysis of the packaging industry in the United States, the largest use industries of packaging machinery are food industry, beverage industry, household cleaning products and cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry and tobacco industry

in the food industry, the proportion of vegetable and fruit packaging machinery is the largest, and it is expected to account for 20.3% by 2005. However, the proportion of dairy and candy packaging machinery has decreased year by year. From 1994, the curve can be reanalyzed to 2000, the annual demand for packaging machinery in the food industry increased by 7% due to the experiment that the stress amplitude ratio was negative, mainly due to the introduction of thousands of new products by the U.S. food industry every year

in the beverage industry, the annual demand value of soft drink packaging machinery accounts for the largest proportion, and will account for 50% of beverage packaging machinery by 2005. However, the demand for packaging machinery in the beverage industry as a whole has gradually declined, mainly because consumers pay more attention to health than before and reduce beverage consumption

analysis also means that microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials will be more widely used, and packaging machinery will develop in the direction of automation, high efficiency and energy conservation

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