The world's first batch of coal glycol technology

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The first batch of "coal glycol" technology in the world came out in Tongliao

on the eve of new year's day, the world's first batch of ethylene glycol made of lignite that can meet the needs of users was officially offline in Tongliao golden Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., ending the history that countries in the world can only produce ethylene glycol by using petroleum technology

ethylene glycol is a very important basic chemical raw material, which is mainly used in the production of polyester products, antifreeze, unsaturated polyester resin, lubricants, plasticizers, non-ionic surfactants and explosives. It is widely used. According to relevant data, at present, the annual demand for ethylene glycol in the world is more than 20 million tons, of which China's demand accounts for one third, meeting the standard: 1. At present, the total domestic ethylene glycol production is only more than 2 million tons, which can only meet 20% - 30% of the market demand, and the gap of more than 4 million tons can only rely on imports

Tongliao gold coal chemical industry adopts the technical route of "coal glycol" and industrial application with the support of Jin min, which is a set of world first technology with independent intellectual property rights. Its promotion should replace the traditional petroleum technology to produce ethylene glycol, which will effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of ethylene glycol products in China. According to experts' estimates, it takes about 2.5 tons of oil to produce 1 ton of ethylene glycol without using the petroleum technology route. If the "coal glycol" production technology is adopted, the oil saved in the world every year is equivalent to the development of a new large oil field with an annual output of 50million tons of oil

it is understood that the plastic packaging industry with the total investment of Tongliao gold coal chemical ethylene glycol project will show three major development trends in the future: plastic packaging will become green by 10billion yuan, and the design production capacity is 120 tons. At present, the first phase of the ethylene glycol project with an annual output of 200000 tons has been completed, and 1.3 million tons of lignite can be converted annually. The preliminary work of the second phase of the 400000 ton/year ethylene glycol project is being actively prepared, and the construction is fully started in the first half of this year

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