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Development trend and Countermeasures of simple steel barrel quality management

one of the trends: the diversification of customer needs and the thinness of raw materials of steel barrels

countermeasures: in order to meet the needs of customers, adjust the product structure in time, produce products satisfactory to customers, and produce a variety of thin steel barrels according to the requirements of customers. In steel barrel 2, the maximum load of the experiment should be estimated before the experiment. In terms of quality control, we should vigorously study and promote the application of parallel, real-time, quality control theory and technology

trend 2: the product structure of steel barrels tends to be international. Through improving the product design of steel barrels, strengthen the quality management of steel barrels

countermeasures: adopt international standards and make international standard steel barrels; Pay attention to the quality control in the process of steel barrel design, and adopt new technologies such as credibility design, robust design and quality function configuration

trend 3: the production standard of steel barrels gives way to the standard of trade steel barrels, and the impact of the appearance quality of steel barrels on the products with extremely low water absorption and contents in packages is gradually increasing

countermeasures: determine the quality standard of steel barrel according to the actual needs of users, and improve the appearance quality of steel barrel

trend 4: IS09000 standard quality management system is further implemented within steel barrel enterprises

countermeasures: within the enterprise, the quality system documents should be implemented to the grass-roots level, and the importance of full participation in quality management for quality control should be given full play. The main products of quality management should be increased. The utilization scope of film blowing machine is mainly determined according to the different materials, including transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer goods market incentive and supervision mechanism

trend 5: modern information technology means will become the key to steel barrel quality management

countermeasures: strengthen the application of computers in quality management and control

trend 6: quality cost has become the key to affect the quality management level of steel barrel products

countermeasures: in the process of quality management, we should obtain higher quality with less investment

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