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Development status of advanced machinery manufacturing technology

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core tips: first, globalization. First of all, the competition in the global market is intensifying. From the perspective of packaging machinery manufacturing industry, many enterprises at home and abroad have been listed by the market for lack of competitiveness. First of all, the competition in the global market is intensifying. From the perspective of the packaging machinery manufacturing industry, many enterprises at home and abroad have been facing bankruptcy or have closed down due to the lack of competitiveness and the oppression of market competition, including small and medium-sized enterprises and some well-known enterprises. Those enterprises that barely survive in the domestic market have to consider expanding new markets; Secondly, the rapid development of computer network technology has promoted the cooperation between competitive enterprises, which will bring new hope to both sides. However, due to such a large increase in competition, it is mainly due to the continuous decline in extruder imports since October last year, and will naturally develop to further increase international market competition. The interaction between cooperation and competition has become the driving force of the development of global manufacturing industry. Networking is the primary premise of global manufacturing technology. Only the integration of networking communication technology can ensure the smooth development of manufacturing globalization

second, complexing. The success of network technology has solved many limitations of packaging machinery manufacturing in time and space. The popularity of computer network will bring revolutionary changes to the production and sales of enterprises. The technical transformation and expansion approval of relevant departments has been obtained from Guoliang copper products. The design, procurement and manufacturing of parts and components, and market analysis can all be based on the technical tensile strength of the network( σ b) When the stress continues to increase after exceeding the yield strength, the strain also increases. This method is more convenient for operation and management, and can be operated and controlled in different places. In addition, the rapid development of network information technology is bound to bring new opportunities and challenges to the machinery manufacturing industry, and promote enterprises to develop in the direction of both competition and cooperation

third, virtualization. The application of virtual concrete technology and prestressed stress amplitude reduction technology in product production is mainly reflected in the two functions of inspection and simulation. First, it can test the machinability, processing method and rationality of design ideas of products, which can more accurately ensure the quality, production cost and production cycle of products. In addition, the product can be modeled and simulated, and each process of product manufacturing can be simulated through computer software and network, so as to avoid uncontrollable problems in actual operation

fourth, automation. At present, the research of automation is mainly reflected in the aspects of integration technology and system technology in manufacturing system, man-machine integrated manufacturing system, manufacturing cell technology, manufacturing process planning and scheduling, flexible manufacturing technology and manufacturing environment suitable for modern production mode. The development trend of packaging machinery manufacturing automation technology is manufacturing globalization, packaging machinery manufacturing agility, packaging machinery manufacturing networking, packaging machinery manufacturing virtualization, packaging machinery manufacturing intelligence and manufacturing green

fifth, greening. Green manufacturing produces green products through green production process, green design, green materials, green equipment, green technology, green packaging, green management, etc., and the products are recycled after green treatment. Adopting green manufacturing can minimize the negative impact of manufacturing on the environment and maximize the utilization efficiency of raw materials and energy

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