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Film that can prolong the fresh-keeping period of green food

German scientists recently invented a kind of plastic film "dyed" by chlorophyll, which can prevent the chlorophyll in green food from causing food decay due to oxygen 17 effect, and greatly prolong the storage time of green food. Large and subsequent molding operations in green food put forward strict requirements for the completeness of preforms and molds. Both contain a large amount of chlorophyll, which will undergo photosensitive oxidation reaction under light irradiation, leading to food decay. Therefore, in order to extend the fresh-keeping period of food, traditional packaging materials are either opaque packaging materials. The research, development and utilization of high-performance natural fibers and their composites have become a hot topic in the global research. Plastic packaging and vacuum treatment are used to insulate food from oxygen. The former cannot make customers choose intuitively, while the latter is more complex and relatively expensive. The inner layer of Fraunhofer treatment and packaging in Germany has excellent resilience. Goldham, a scientist at the Institute of technology, used chlorophyll to "dye" plastic films in a special way. After this treatment, the film can be used to package food, which can effectively "intercept" the light that causes food decay, thus greatly extending the fresh-keeping period of food

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