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Financial leasing helps Zoomlion concrete machinery products sell well in Australia

financial leasing helps Zoomlion concrete machinery products sell well in Australia

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Guide: Recently, Zoomlion concrete machinery's financial leasing service has been favored by more and more customers in Australia, and the service system is becoming more and more mature, becoming a highlight of Zoomlion equipment's marketing in Australia. As early as 2009, Zoomlion Finance pressed the interrupt key to lease (Australia) Co., Ltd. in Australia under the condition of electromechanical operation

recently, the financial leasing service of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. has been favored by more and more customers in Australia, and the service system is becoming more and more mature, which has become a highlight of the marketing of Zoomlion equipment in Australia

as early as 2009, Zoomlion financial leasing (Australia) Co., Ltd. signed the first overseas financial leasing contract of a Chinese local financial leasing company in Brisbane, Australia. Four years later, Zoomlion's financial leasing service has become a powerful tool for Zoomlion equipment to sell its products in Australia through the use of our products, boosting the sales volume of Zoomlion's products in Australia

for the Australian market, it is common for customers to purchase equipment by means of financial leasing, but there are more requirements besides financial leasing, especially the requirements for tax and cash flow arrangements. Zoomlion Finance Leasing (Australia) Co., Ltd. has developed a local financial service model in accordance with the local legal, accounting, tax and financial regulatory system. At present, the company's leasing service can provide financial services for all equipment required by customers

Zoomlion's financing service has become an absolute advantage in Australia, where there are many competitors. At the same time, Zoomlion has good communication with local agents. These factors enable customers to buy Zoomlion products at ease. Zoomlion's financing leasing service has become a highlight to attract customers and promote sales. At the same time, due to the increasing penetration and good performance of Zoomlion products in the Australian market, it has been favored by more and more customers. With the increasing signing volume of the financial leasing platform, Jinan assay pull machine has a long history of development

recently, the branch signed a new dealer in Australia. When talking to him about the differences between Zoomlion and other brands, he made it clear that the biggest advantage of Zoomlion in Australia at present, especially the left and right level, is its financial leasing service. The dealer's first order took advantage of Zoomlion's financial leasing service. The end customer of the first order was the top ten pumping equipment leaseholder in Queensland. The customer planned to buy CIFA pump truck and was very satisfied with the product, but he hesitated at the beginning. When the dealer introduced Zoomlion's financial leasing business to him, he soon made up his mind to purchase

financial leasing services not only bring interest rates, but also help agents expand market share and enhance the local penetration of Zoomlion products. In the past four years, the number of products delivered for inspection in Australia has increased at an average rate of 50% every year, and the number of customers has also increased year by year. At present, many local agents have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Zoomlion. There is no doubt that Zoomlion's financial leasing services play an irreplaceable role in sales

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