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Alibaba cloud and Chinese chemical enterprise informatization drive into the fast lane

on September 22, the e-commerce platform of China National Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CHEMCHINA") changed order 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combined and intelligent plastic granulator, which was officially released, and showed the core functions of the platform and mobile application scenarios. In the view of the industry, this platform with a large number of cloud computing and enterprise level Internet architecture represents the results of the cooperation between CHEMCHINA and Alibaba cloud

it is understood that CHEMCHINA mainly builds a sales platform on the public cloud to sell steam, oil, fertilizer and other products, with the purpose of increasing e-commerce imports and driving the services of the whole group. From October last year to June this year, the e-commerce platform was built. In the first stage, oil and natural gas were sold. In addition, a crowdfunding (partnership to buy oil) was made in innovation, and the structure is similar to Taobao

it is reported that after Sinopec and other enterprises, CHEMCHINA is another enterprise that closely combines traditional business with emerging Internet with the help of Internet + to establish an efficient business system and innovative business model

China chemical industry first talks about why Alibaba cloud is selected

data show that in the next five years, the domestic chemical market product transactions will still focus on bulk raw materials and intermediates, and continue to develop downstream. The problems of low technical service capacity, chaotic prices, and poor channels still need to be solved. The significance of e-commerce to China's chemical industry market the emergence of e-commerce can promote Chinese chemical enterprises to solve the problems of existing channels and management, and comply with the trend of extending to high value-added links and the coordinated development of specialized companies

it is understood that China Chemical e-commerce platform is a national e-commerce integrated platform for the chemical industry, which is based on data, service-oriented, and centered on resource integration and sharing, providing one-stop trading and full process services

it is reported that the China Chemical e-commerce platform integrates online and offline resources to provide chemical customers with a full range of e-commerce services such as membership, trading, payment, logistics, information, etc. In addition, the platform also attracts various participants in the chemical ecological chain, such as chemical manufacturing enterprises, trading enterprises, chemical users, warehousing and logistics enterprises, processing and distribution enterprises, financial institutions, and provides them with an ecosystem of trading and cooperation

it is also understood that the China Chemical e-commerce platform has provided chemical trading services to tens of thousands of customers since its trial operation in June 2016. According to Gao Jian, CEO of e-commerce of China Chemical Information Center, the cumulative trading volume since the trial operation of the platform is 1million tons, and the trading amount is 3billion yuan

Gao Jian admitted in an interview that the above figures exceeded their original expectations. In his eyes, just like building a building, the foundation must be built first, and then the building must be built. The hydraulic testing machine is a set of three station automatic unit, including steel pipe washing, pressure test, drift diameter and so on, which can complete the pressure test, drift diameter detection and automatic sorting of unqualified steel pipes for oil pipes and casings with or without couplings, ribbed or non ribbed tail The maximum test pressure of oil-cooled electric drum is 100MPa, the pressure test pipe diameter range is 60.3 ~ 177.8 (238 ″ ~ 7 ″), the coupling is 73 ~ 194.5, and the length range of pressure test pipe is 6 ~ 12.7m Beautiful, comfortable, good location, customers will be willing to come

first, define: the ratio of the volume wear of the lining to the friction work under the specified conditions. Alibaba cloud's foundation is very solid; Secondly, after the platform was built, some good schemes were used, together with their own design (including some promotion), and after the platform was launched, it attracted new customers, about 10%. Gao Jian said that the number sounds small, but it has been a great progress for traditional industries

as for why he chose Alibaba cloud, Gao Jianxiang bluntly said that before choosing Alibaba cloud, there were some discussions and exchanges between peers, including partners, and some central enterprises. Not only that, CHEMCHINA also has some customized e-commerce products, but finally decided to adopt Alibaba cloud

Alibaba cloud's entire platform has a solid foundation, and its scalability and future development are relatively good. Facts have also proved that it is also very good to use in this process. Gao Jian commented

informatization of energy and chemical enterprises has entered the fast lane

it is reported that Alibaba cloud's service to CHEMCHINA includes two parts: first, architect technical consulting. It is recommended that CHEMCHINA adopts distributed architecture, middleware products, etc; Secondly, CHEMCHINA has also adopted Alibaba cloud's big data products, including Alibaba cloud data plus, datav large screen, etc., which show the effect

it is worth noting that architects are actually the soul of cloud computing. In an exclusive interview, Alibaba cloud architect Huang Bing pointed out that the most important role of architects in the whole Alibaba cloud is to find Alibaba products according to customers' needs, and then give solutions. In short, it is a bridge between the needs of customers and Alibaba technology

taking CHEMCHINA as an example, Huang Bing explained that before Alibaba cloud was adopted, it was very troublesome to do projects: first, purchase machines in some areas with a strong sense of social responsibility, and then look for consulting to ask how to do business volume, which would prolong the cycle

according to Huang Bing, Alibaba cloud has two advantages: one is to save online time. The cycle of a project in a central enterprise is two to three years. If Alibaba cloud is adopted, it takes less than a year from project initiation to launch; Second, cost advantage. Customers can't afford to build their own computer rooms, go to operation and maintenance, and buy servers without 30million yuan, while using Alibaba cloud costs only 1million yuan a year

it is understood that it is not only CHEMCHINA that closely follows the Internet + trend. Previously, Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC have already carried out information construction in different fields

on March 10, 2015, PetroChina announced to carry out extensive practical cooperation with Alibaba and ant financial in the fields of Alibaba cloud, electronic map, Internet automobile, tmall, rookie logistics, as well as PetroChina handheld business hall, Internet payment, electronic fuel card, point swap and so on. At the same time, PetroChina will also take advantage of Alibaba's technical advantages and advanced experience in big data analysis and application and interactive marketing to further reduce capital operation costs and improve management and operation efficiency

CNOOC has proposed to build intelligent oil fields to provide data support for the design, construction, installation, commissioning, commissioning, operation and maintenance, transformation and demolition of the project through digitization. Using the EDIS (engineering facilities data information system) platform to establish digital assets, the average approval days of design documents were shortened from 7 days to 2 days, the construction efficiency of the project was greatly improved, and the data collection of the comprehensive adjustment project of Luda oilfield was completed in only 20 man days

as one of the earliest industries to apply information technology, the informatization of energy and chemical industry has experienced a complex and controversial process from concept to application, from blindness to rationality. With the informatization of three barrels of oil, more and more energy and chemical enterprises have firmly joined the Internet

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