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On July 27, Alibaba cloud President Hu Xiaoming said that the current customers are mainly mainland enterprises, but as state-owned enterprises go to sea, Alibaba cloud will also vigorously expand its overseas business, and provide cloud computing services for many overseas companies, such as Jinan assay reverse testing machine, due to improper use of the technical requirements and standards, and even other foreign enterprises

customer data will not be delivered to third parties

the goal is to surpass Amazon and become the world's first cloud computing company within 3 to 5 years. It is equally important to develop cloud computing into wind, fire and hydropower. He revealed that Alibaba cloud will open its second data center on the east coast of the United States and Hong Kong; In the future, data centers will be set up in Singapore, Germany, the Middle East and India to facilitate the development of overseas businesses

Hu Xiaoming continued: as a Chinese company, Alibaba cloud has certain difficulties in developing overseas. After all, there are cultural differences between Chinese and foreign companies. However, he stressed that Alibaba cloud attaches the most importance to trust when doing business with customers. Customers' data belongs to them, and they have the right to control, transfer and retain it. They will not deliver the data to a third party under local regulations. He believes that it will take some time to gain the trust of foreign enterprises, but believes that Alibaba cloud will provide reliable services for the world like Chinese banks. At the same time, Alibaba cloud also issued the "data protection proposal needs in-depth development", advocating the industry's protection of customer data

last month, Alibaba cloud also cooperated with Equinix, a multinational data center service provider, so that its customers can directly access Alibaba cloud services on Equinix cloud exchange. Tan Yongyao, managing director of Equinix Hong Kong, said that Alibaba cloud's services have been directly connected to the cloud switching centers in Hong Kong and the United States. Using computers and their corresponding interface cards and PLC to develop automatic sorting intelligent control systems, customers can access services through the switching centers. The switching center is like a transit station, connected with different cloud computing suppliers, so enterprises can choose different services more flexibly

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