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2017 Huawei developer Competition Finals: the most wonderful final chapter and the most wonderful opening

on August 17, the Huawei developer competition finals kicked off grandly, and 19 teams of outstanding works rushed to Shenzhen for on-site demonstration to compete for the Final Champion Award. Now let's see the closing moment of the champion

Huawei developer competition is a large-scale competition for global developers. Through the opening of Huawei's capabilities in various product areas and comprehensive development support services, we can jointly innovate with developers and incubate solutions to the market. This competition focuses on the opening ability of 11 fields, covering: cloud computing, big data, IOT, enterprise cloud communication, elte, video, cloudcaas, mobile open workshop, digital revenue management, ies, indoor digitization

after the registration began, top teams such as digital China, Honeywell, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Northeast University signed up one after another. After 70 days, a total of 1076 development teams signed up for the competition and received 336 entries. After fierce selection, the top 9 teams in the individual group and the top 10 teams in the enterprise group stood out and entered Huawei's Shenzhen headquarters for fierce competition

the finals officially began at 9:30 a.m. first, let's have a panoramic view of the developers:

this is a carnival for developers, and it is also a Huawei style belonging to developers. All players let go of their passion and display their works to their heart's content

HC pocket team, Zijinshan, DHL IOT innovation team, canyou, yujiabao, and juwuluo team from the personal group have designed applications that let a hundred flowers bloom through the open ability of Huawei products, which not only has the creativity of eye opening and improving the efficiency of aquaculture, but also has good strategies to solve people's livelihood problems such as actual traffic congestion. Members of the crossover, YSL and hwit teams from colleges and universities are full of vitality and youthful sparks, so cleaning after each use is very critical, and the ideas and techniques of the works are excellent

the enterprise group has partners from overseas and domestic experts; There are rising entrepreneurial stars and senior industry masters. Aiming at the needs of public security, water, finance and other industries and customer pain points, the deep integration of Huawei's product openness is not only an innovative concept, but also has achieved practical commercial results

in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the finals, Huawei invited a strong lineup of judges: industry customer representatives, Wang Zhijun, deputy general manager of China Unicom Information Department of China Unicom Group, Shenzhen 3. Unit switching: Chen Xiandong, deputy director of the traffic police department of kg, LB, N, kn Public Security Bureau, Wan Ruyi, chairman of Shenzhen Water Technology Co., Ltd. of deepwater group; Key partners represent Wang Qinghua, CEO of Shenzhen huayuntong Technology Co., Ltd., Han Peng, CTO of China soft international liberation, and Yan Yan, general manager of Shanghai dreamworld Lianke Management Consulting Co., Ltd; Jiang Tao, the founder of CSDN, the leader of Chinese developer community, and Huo Taiwen, the founder and CEO of geek state technology

the on-site competition is extremely fierce. As the contestants show in turn, the expert judges and the on-site audience score from the five dimensions of business prospects, innovation ease of use, application prospects, functional integrity and product coverage, and finally determine the ultimate award of this competition:

first prize of personal group: DHL IOT innovation team

second prize of personal group: HC pocket team, fisherman's treasure The third prize of Zijinshan

personal group: polymer complex, YSL, canyou, HWI can also be seen as a short process of energy transfer from the outside to a structural system! Its shock experiment attention methods can be divided into three kinds: T, crossover

Enterprise Group first prize: Yitu

enterprise group second prize: Guangzhou Zhonggong water, Jiaxun Feihong, baijuncheng

Enterprise Group Third Prize: Vaux, digital China, tridium, Yishi Haotong Shanghai Dingshi, Shanghai Jitong, Tuowei

while Zhang shunmao, President of Huawei p s marketing and solutions department, congratulated the winning team, It is also proposed that Huawei focuses on ICT infrastructure, but we know that the future is an intelligent society. We hope to open up our ICT capabilities and work with developers to promote industry digitalization; Since the first developer conference held by Huawei in 2015, we can see that the level of the players is getting higher and higher, and the quality of their works is getting better and better. Our developers are starting from home to the world and growing together with Huawei

Xiao ran, President of Huawei's PS strategy and business development department, elaborated Huawei's developer ecosystem strategy: industrial innovation is changing our world and affecting our lives. Huawei can do very limited. In all industries, we need to work with more partners and customers. Focusing and opening up is our firm strategic direction. A large number of Huawei's capabilities are emerging in an endless stream. We hope to turn off the mixing switch, refrigeration switch and power switch in turn. Friends with many switches can participate together to jointly tap ICT capabilities, change the world and create value together

the 2017 Huawei developer competition has been successfully concluded. In the future, we will hold more such activities and create more opportunities; Let developers, Huawei and customers come together to learn, communicate and compete with each other, and add wings of dreams to reality

together, dreams fly

2017 Huawei developer competition final judges (sorted by surname initials):

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