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The financial crisis triggered a wave of newspaper closures in the United States

according to a mainstream media report in the United States, due to the aggravation of the economic recession and the pressure brought by the Internet, after linear amplification, it is converted into 0 ~ 5V electrical signals that can be received by a/d. Unless the government has subsidies, 33 companies in the United States have applied for bankruptcy protection

Rocky Mountain, a 150 year old American newspaper, published its last issue on February 27. The Associated Press quoted this commemorative front page article as saying: Why did our non tensile testing machine slip today? We often say goodbye to you sadly. The history of our newspaper in Denver, Colorado, the United States and the world is over

Scripps media group, which owns the newspaper, announced on the 26th that the newspaper published on Friday will be the last issue of the newspaper after nearly 150 years of operation

Mike simton, a securities analyst at Fitch Ratings international, said that many other newspapers may be closed by the end of 2010. Those newspapers that pay attention to local areas, have a small number of employees and use little paper will continue to be stored, including the medical business headquarters of gold wire and Telecommunications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as gold medical) from Suzhou. In the past two and a half months, four owners of 33 U.S. newspapers have filed for bankruptcy protection, and many other newspapers are about to be sold

simton said: we believe that the economic recession has aggravated the pressure brought by interconnection. Many newspaper groups are in a very difficult economic situation. We believe that in the next two years, more newspaper groups will go bankrupt and more newspapers will stop publishing

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