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On August 19, Alibaba cloud computing announced the launch of the cloud collaboration plan, recruiting 10000 cloud service providers, building a new cloud ecosystem, and jointly promoting the migration of all walks of life in China to the cloud

the whole cloud service system is trillions. According to Wang Wenbin, President of Alibaba cloud, the goal of Alibaba cloud's joint plan is to unite 100 large-scale service providers, 1000 regional and medium-sized service providers, and 10000 small and medium-sized service providers in the next three years to build Alibaba cloud's service platform into a public platform for Cloud Computing in China. 4.3 pigments and additives should meet the provisions of relevant standards. In fact, they will not have a harmful impact on product performance to support the trillion scale enterprise market

pull partners to build basic platforms

what Alibaba cloud needs to build is a cloud basic platform. Wang Wenbin defined Alibaba cloud as the public of cloud computing in China. He introduced that Alibaba cloud does not intend to fight alone, but to establish an ecosystem. The characteristics of the cloud cooperation plan are cloud open ecology, pregnancy capacity building and cloud resource sharing

according to Alibaba cloud's plan, cloud computing consulting companies, system integrators, independent software providers, and small and medium-sized service providers can all be partners of the cloud collaboration plan. These partners have different positioning, including business applications, solution cooperation, cloud technology service cooperation, general tools cooperation, infrastructure cooperation, security cooperation, etc

according to Wang Wenbin, there are many ways of cooperation: application cooperation and industry integration cooperation based on Alibaba cloud business; Provide users with value-added services and system application and tool services; Build a data center with partners and provide proprietary solutions

as for the selection of partners, Alibaba cloud's relevant person in charge said that the selected partners need to meet Alibaba cloud's certification standards. Alibaba cloud will provide financial support, customer sharing, technology and training support to help partners transform from it service providers to cloud service providers

currently, leading domestic software enterprises are transforming to cloud computing service providers, including well-known companies such as UFIDA software and Kingdee software. Wang Wenbin pointed out that unlike the cloud computing services provided by software enterprises, Alibaba cloud builds a basic platform, and professional IT service providers can cooperate with Alibaba cloud to adopt Alibaba cloud's basic cloud services

it is reported that complex system physics (Dresden), Neusoft, ChinaSoft, Inspur, Donghua software and other major domestic IT service providers have become partners of Alibaba cloud

don't consider profits for the time being

in July 2013, Alibaba became the first and only Chinese company that successfully went to IOE in China. Since then, Alibaba cloud began to export IOE capabilities based on Feitian cloud computing platform. By the end of 2013, it had provided services to 980000 customers, covering e-commerce, financial services, medical education, digital entertainment, meteorological real estate, government management and other fields

since Alibaba cloud provided services in 2013, it has announced product price reductions four times, with a total price reduction of more than 50% for some products. Then it was announced that new users will pay for four core basic products, including cloud server, cloud database and cloud storage, after a free trial for half a year. Alibaba predicts that the price of cloud computing will continue to decline in the future

wangwenbin said that he did not consider the profitability of basic service business for the time being. As for Alibaba cloud's business model, the relevant person in charge of Alibaba cloud said that there may be multiple directions, including charging cloud service fees from third-party service providers or sharing with third-party partners

it is reported that every time an enterprise invests 1 yuan in cloud services, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden age of Kemen growth and rapid growth, which will save 4 yuan of traditional it4 Horizontal installation and investment on a solid foundation. According to the latest report released by MGI of McKinsey Global Research Institute, Chinese enterprises invest only 2% of their revenue in it, only half of the global average. This means that China's cloud services have a broad market space. Ali expects the market to reach the level of trillion yuan

in fact, Tencent and Baidu are also making efforts to provide cloud services. Wang Wenbin said that Tencent and Baidu can also build basic service platforms for cloud computing, but Alibaba cloud started earlier. Cloud computing is a service. According to the technical director of Alibaba cloud, cloud computing must have super large-scale flexibility and data processing capabilities. At the same time, cloud computing requires stronger service capabilities, customer training, and the establishment of an ecosystem

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