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Best practice of communication in the financial industry of rongyun: the mobile communication application scenarios in the financial industry of industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Talon bank can be roughly divided into two categories: one occurs between financial institutions and users, that is, external communication; The other type of 5g wireless communication equipment is used for internal management and work communication, that is, internal communication. The integrated IM + audio and video + push financial solution of rongyun can assist the external and internal communication of enterprises to achieve efficient and safe communication in the whole scene. At present, rongyun has the best application practice in many financial institutions such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ted bank and Huatai Securities

it is very convenient to realize external communication and increase user stickiness e

in the financial industry, industrial and Commercial Bank of China is one of the banks that used mobile communication means to provide 7*24-hour services to customers earlier. In 2015, ICBC launched rongelian app, with the original intention of replacing the traditional bank SMS and realizing real-time communication between banks and users, such as dynamic account notice, marketing notice, etc

before the launch of Ronge, the communication between banks and depositors was through SMS, which led to two major problems: first, the volume of notifications was huge, and the corresponding cost of SMS was very high; Second, the content of SMS can only be text, and the form is single. Therefore, ICBC decided to introduce im instant messaging capability, open up the online and offline platforms, and realize the combination of people and end by using rongeling app

at the beginning of model selection, ICBC took into account that Ronge will face more than 100 million users and generate a large amount of interactive information every day, which requires cooperative communication cloud manufacturers to have the ability to cope with high concurrency. In addition, ICBC's im instant messaging capabilities need to be privatized to ensure the security of depositors' information, and the forms of interactive information with customers should be enriched to provide customized content and personalized services for different customers

finally, ICBC chose rongyun, which ranks first in the market share of instant messaging, to meet the needs of customer service. With mature implementation experience and through privatization deployment, rongyun helped ICBC build a stable and reliable message platform that supports high concurrency, and supports rich message forms, including text, pictures and other functions

the biggest feature of rongyun IM is its stability and reliability. It is the only manufacturer in the industry that promises 100% message reliability without loss, weight and disorder. Rongyun has a self-developed private communication protocol eversync. The instant message transmission service does not establish a parallel user system outside the app, does not need to synchronize user accounts, does not affect the existing system architecture and account system of the app, and can achieve perfect integration with the existing business system

at present, through Ronge link, ICBC can provide users with typical scenario applications such as dynamic account notification and customer service. Among them, the dynamic account notification uses the way of real-time push of APP messages, which completely replaces the original SMS reminder service. When operators began to charge bank SMS notification fees, depositors turned to free financial E-Link to obtain account change information, which led to a sharp increase in ICBC app users and greatly increased user stickiness; At the same time, this service alone has saved ICBC hundreds of millions of yuan in SMS costs every year. In addition, in terms of customer service, rongyun's im instant messaging capability not only realizes customized content, pictures, text and other diversified forms of information interaction, but also transfers the communication between customer managers and depositors from public channels to Ronge. The fatigue testing machine is used to test materials. When it receives repeated or alternating stress leases, it provides safe and manageable services, and effectively prevents SMS financial fraud

in addition to Ronge link, based on rongyun instant messaging system, ICBC also realized the communication capabilities of Ronge purchase (e-commerce platform) client and Ronge Bank (bank), and formed ICBC's Internet financial strategy e-icbc with three core products. Among them, Ronge shopping opens up the communication channel between merchants and users, which is convenient for both parties to communicate in e-commerce; Ronge bank was used for customer service, realizing that one customer service staff served five customers at the same time, an increase of 4 The poor oil return condition of the buffer reduces the service width

Figure 1: rongyun instant messaging platform is applied to ICBC's three core Internet Finance APAP

at present, ICBC provides payroll services to more than 3 million enterprises, and through the combination of Ronge Union, Ronge purchase and Ronge bank, it builds a consumption closed loop, basically covering the basic necessities of life of enterprise employees. After receiving wages, enterprise employees can complete daily consumption within the financial service system of ICBC, which is not only convenient for ICBC users, but also conducive to the precipitation of funds by ICBC and provides guarantee for bank credit services. ICBC relies on rongyun to achieve external communication capabilities and increase user stickiness, which is very Ronge

according to the project leader of ICBC, in the future, ICBC will continue to build application service apps based on the communication ability of rongyun, and gradually develop into a social financial service platform with rich information, timely interaction, safety and reliability

strengthen internal communication and ensure safe and smooth communication and collaboration.

for the financial industry, the safety and reliability of internal communication is also crucial, which is the premise to improve work efficiency internally and improve service quality externally, and it is the common needs of banking customers

as a commercial bank based in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Zhejiang Tailong commercial bank, after years of rapid development, has increasingly realized that the internal communication of enterprises must be safe and unimpeded. To solve this problem, the construction of Internet communication capability must be completed by professional companies

when choosing partners, Tailong commercial bank attaches great importance to the comprehensive ability of rongyun in the field of communication cloud, that is, the security and reliability of IM and the high quality of real-time audio and video. Finally, rongyun not only provides a professional and complete one-stop solution, but also can be privatized to meet the security management requirements of the banking industry, and won the full trust of Talon bank

it is understood that after joining the communication ability of rongyun, Talon bank first solved the communication demands of internal front-end business personnel and back-end technical personnel groups, and made internal communication safe and smooth through rongyun's single chat, group chat, audio and video functions; Secondly, it solves the security problem of file transmission. Through the operation and maintenance management module of rongyun, the internal and external isolation operations of files are realized, and they are not landing on the mobile terminal and cannot be downloaded

Figure 2: realize inter system communication based on the im capability of rongyun

in addition to the basic communication capability, rongyun also provides a variety of application functions such as check-in and clock out, intra group voting, intra Group filling in forms, which further solves the communication problems that have puzzled the bank for many years, and completes the unified collaborative office of employees in the bank. All business systems are connected horizontally and messages are delivered instantly

relying on the financial industry communication solution of rongyun, ICBC has stably supported the massive information interaction of hundreds of millions of depositors and reduced daily operating costs. Talon bank has won the internal communication security guarantee and realized unified collaborative office. This fully shows that the financial industry needs both internal and external training in the construction of communication capabilities, and professional communication capabilities need to be handed over to professional companies, which is not only the premise of improving work efficiency internally, but also the basis of meeting customer needs externally

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