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On July 12, 2017, Alibaba cloud and Hangzhou xinyada FanTai Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of xinyada System Engineering Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as xinyada FanTai) jointly hosted the cloud depository interbank matchmaking meeting, which was successfully concluded in Alibaba Xixi park. The matchmaking meeting took the form of a closed door meeting. The Secretary General of Hangzhou mutual fund association, representatives of China Construction Bank, Hengfeng bank, Bank of Wenzhou, Jinshang bank, Fujian strait bank and other banks, as well as senior leaders of Lianlian, Baofu, renrun, Di, E-Sign, No. 1 sign and other payment, software and financial technology companies attended the meeting

Lou Jianmin, Secretary General of Hangzhou mutual fund association, delivered a speech

at the meeting, the guests held a multi-dimensional discussion on issues such as compliance extension and depository changes that are of interest to the mutual fund industry at present, and shared their views and experiences on the development status and future trends of financial technology. This meeting indicates that Alibaba cloud, where the ecosystem of China mutual financial circle is located, will join forces with the largest domestic mutual financial bank depository service provider, xinyada Pantai, and take the lead in technology

focusing on cloud depository, Qian Hui, general manager of xinyada Pantai, mentioned that recently, the Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen financial offices have successively issued the "exposure draft for the filing of loan institutions", and the depository battle has been upgraded. Although the government extended the depository deadline for one year, depository and business transformation will still be the highlight of the mutual fund industry in the coming year. The change of depository has made the bank and platform make corresponding adjustments and changes, including the upgrading of xinyada Pantai depository system to depository plus. How to change passive acceptance into active embrace of regulation also requires the joint efforts of all forces in the industry. Qian Hui also has his own views on the controversial issues such as the online user experience of depository, and customers have no sense of security; The sense of depository is easy to bring customers trouble, leading to the loss of platform customers. The best way is to be prepared. At present, our Depository System 2.0 is compatible with large and small accounts and electronic accounts, which can provide banks with more choices

Qian Hui, general manager of xinyada Pantai, delivered a keynote speech

Han Jianbo, chairman of xinyada Pantai, communicated with the guests about the current depository technology on site

Baofu payment, the leader in the payment industry and the in-depth partner of xinyada Pantai, which participated in the meeting, kept innovating in its business model. It not only provided payment and settlement services for transaction funds for loan platforms, but also established a third-party depository with banks, Provide users with a better experience. E-Sign, an expert on electronic deposit, also said at the meeting that electronic contract deposit can ensure the accuracy and fairness of data, comply with the core principles of investor protection and information disclosure in the supervision of loan platforms, and meet the supervision. The full implementation of electronic contracts will be the general trend

in response to the current hot topic of financial technology, yun ji, the chief architect of Alibaba cloud security department, mentioned that in March this year, ant financial announced that it would only do tech in the future, investigate and deal with the causes of problems, and hold financial institutions to do fin well, from fintech to techfin. In the future, it would only do 30% to 50% of energy saving and warming; Compared with the metal water pipe consignment platform, it provides technical and big data support for financial institutions. This is highly consistent with the concept of xinyada FanTai. Xinyada FanTai also focuses on technology and provides technical support for financial institutions. Bannong, a senior architect of Alibaba cloud, believes that the future direction of fintech innovation and development must be scenario based and open financial services, seamless integration of life and business, and integration and innovation of technology + finance. Technology changes not only the way of technology, but also channels and business models

Bannong, a senior architect of Alibaba cloud, delivered a keynote speech

the on-site guests actively discussed with Yunji, the chief architect of Alibaba cloud security department

at the round table discussion session chaired by Chen Jun, product director of sinyada Pantai, for the issues of asset and capital docking and risk control exploration, the guests mentioned two keywords: trust and integration. The bank and the platform side are not on the opposite side, but have many common interests. Based on mutual trust, it is an inevitable trend for the bank to connect and embrace the platform, and the relationship between the two sides is stable and lasting

this docking meeting is only a good start. In the future, xinyada Pantai will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with Alibaba cloud, coordinate the forces of all parties, deepen the field of financial technology, break down information barriers, promote exchanges and communication between industries, and set up balance valve resource sharing on the oil return Road, so as to provide better technical services for the new financial industry. Weight: 10kg. I believe that backed by xinyada group, which has more than 20 years of banking service experience and a deep foundation for the development and implementation of financial software, xinyada Pantai will be able to meet unknown challenges with a more mature attitude

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