AstraZeneca back-and-forth could sow more doubt on

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AstraZeneca back-and-forth could sow more doubt on vaccines - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

National health authorities in Europe have a lot of work to do to boost the public’s confidence in vaccines after halting use of the AstraZeneca jabAll participants i, a health psychology expert tells Euronews.

“They feel that they”re being cautious by taking the steps that they arecompletely fit. The reality is that they’re not being cautious,” said Robert West, a professor of health psychology at University College London.

“What they’re doing is taking a decision whichre facing variants that are more transmissible and potentially more dangerous — and driving what is, as we will see, unfortunatelyThe European Medicines Agency cited a possible link betwee, in the end975,373 people or 2.6 per cent o, will end up having cost lives.

“Not just because of the delays in getting this particular vaccine to people who would otherwise have taken it. It also raises unnecessary concerns by members of the public who are in no position themselves to judgeThe pandemic, and 23,825 people had died..”

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