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On February 26, 2019, Diebian 2019 - Ruiming door and window dealers' annual meeting was grandly held in Deqing International Conference Center. People from Ruiming excellent dealers all over the country gathered together for a grand banquet

on February 26, 2019, Diebian 2019 - Ruiming door and window dealers' annual meeting was grandly held in Deqing International Conference Center

Ruiming chairman dongchengming, director zhuzhiqiang, marketing director Wei and leaders of all departments of the company attended the meeting. At the same time, there are people from Ruiming's excellent distribution businesses all over the country, who gathered together for a grand banquet

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. dongchengming, chairman of the company, delivered an important speech. He extended cordial greetings and sincere thanks to all the distributors, and fully affirmed the achievements made in the past year. At the same time, he shared the experience of the industry, expounded the general trend of the economy and industry from a strategic perspective, and clarified the development strategy and objectives of the company

Wei Wei, marketing director, summarized the work in 2018, shared with you the proud achievements of Ruiming in marketing in the past year, and analyzed the current situation and problems of the door and window industry; At the same time, it expresses that the company attaches great importance to the problems encountered at present. In 2019, the company will adopt a series of marketing plans to improve the current situation

xuhaihua, director of R & D department, introduced the new product release and upgraded the product. Starting from the logic of user experience, Ruiming's products are constantly upgraded to meet the needs of customers

Ruiming cannot develop without the support of dealers. The annual meeting also held a commendation for excellent dealers. They are an example for everyone to learn from and the direction of their efforts. The whole audience cheered them, shared their joy, and sincerely wished them more brilliant achievements in 2019

excellent team

Sales star

most potential award

market development award

Service Star

Special Contribution Award

dealer Summit Forum is a highlight of this annual meeting. Li Xin, honorary Dean of Ruiming business school, and excellent dealer representatives held an on-site show to share successful experience and provide valuable suggestions for other dealers

the afternoon annual meeting kicked off in the wonderful "struggle dance" of the company's employees, followed by the Tiktok song and dance series brought by the dealer representative, which triggered a climax on the scene and enlivened the atmosphere for the afternoon training

teacher Li Xin brought you the training with the theme of "breaking the marketing situation", aiming to systematically improve dealers' professional cognition and sales skills, and jointly help to reach a new high. Mr. Li introduced the topic by simulating customer reception on site. His humorous style, simple and understandable content and simple speaking skills benefited everyone on site

Huang Sha wears golden armor for hundreds of battles, and will not return until he breaks the Loulan. The national dealer linkage activity of "3 ・ 15 super price binding" was officially launched. The regional managers of the company led the regional dealers to the stage one after another, and the Marketing Director Wei Wei presented the flag to them. We are full of pride in setting new goals; We are brave enough to advance to new goals. When the flag is waved and the brave men go to war, they will surely live up to their youth and mission, and make another success

on that night, a dinner for the dealer's annual meeting was also held. The whole audience celebrated and toasted. So far, the annual meeting of Ruiming door and window dealers has come to a successful conclusion

through this annual meeting of dealers, Ruiming elite dealers have more passion and confidence in Ruiming, and strive hard with newer ideas, faster steps and higher morale

the horn of battle has sounded, and the magnificent business war is coming! Just as the theme of this annual meeting is "butterfly change 2019", in 2019, Ruiming will set sail at a new height! Gorgeous transformation





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