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Advantages of imported flooring European imported flooring original parquet Italian home

the base materials of imported wood flooring originally imported from Italy are all high-density base materials. Original parquet has three production bases and is headquartered in Alfonsine, Ravenna, Italy. The company is famous for its long history, rich experience and professional skills. In the process of development, it continues to invest in technology research and development, In terms of hardware updating and expanding scientific and technological resources, its multi-layer composite wood flooring has always maintained a leading position in the field of walking industrial flooring and solid wood flooring

the real competitive advantage of the company lies in its manual manufacturing technology and unique Italian creative style: each production base is equipped with the most advanced floor production equipment today. In 2011, the company also invested a lot of money to buy new production lines

in addition, the company also has a unique woodworking laboratory, which is used to study special accessories such as skirting board, ring panel, connecting board, off-duty of step board, planer, SAIC and finishing. With this comprehensive production and service system, original parquet company can not only provide customers with high-quality boards, but also customize various relevant accessories according to customers' needs, achieving the perfection of every detail

the imported flooring of Italian house is the original imported flooring, which comes from Europe with high-quality wood. Its products have the following advantages:

1, innovative, environmentally friendly and durable

innovative, listed synchronously with Europe, with novel designs and colors, distinctive, full of personality, representing the trend; Environmental protection, European consciousness and industry standardization make environmental protection of European products the most basic requirement, absolute environmental protection; Durability, high wear resistance of the surface, super stability of the substrate and exquisite workmanship determine the longer service life of the product

2,. There are many varieties of designs and colors, which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns

3, uniform color and good visual effect

4, high surface wear resistance, higher flame retardancy, strong pollution and corrosion resistance, and good compression and impact resistance

5, convenient for cleaning and nursing

6, good dimensional stability, so it can ensure that the gap between the floors is small and not easy to arch during use

7, high cost performance

so the imported floor of Italian house is still a good choice





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