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At present, the decoration cost in Wuhan is 300-400/m2 for low-grade decoration, 400-1000 yuan/m2 for medium-grade decoration, 1000-1500 yuan/m2 for medium and high-grade decoration, 1500-2000 yuan/m2 for high-grade decoration, and more than 2000 yuan/m2 for super high-grade decoration. Now let's take a look at how to save money in decoration and what are the strategies to save money in decoration with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network. I hope it will be helpful to the decoration budget of Wuhan owners

how to save money in decoration - what are the strategies to save money in decoration? First, save money from the choice of materials

1. Generally, decoration starts with masonry, and the only way to save money in masonry is the money of ceramic tiles. The most cost-effective principle of buying bricks is: according to Xiaobian, the cheapest wall brick now is the glazed brick with the specification of 200x300mm, but the density of the ceramic tile should be required, otherwise there will be terrible consequences of cement penetrating from the back to the surface. Floor tiles are 300x300 non slip tiles, which are rarely problematic. Of course, there is no reason for you to use non slip bricks in the living room and bedroom. Xiaobian suggests using vitrified bricks with strong anti fouling ability. This money cannot be saved, otherwise there will be endless trouble

2. If your carpenter uses oil mixing, you can use white wood decorative panels and lines. This is a very cheap material. Although its surface is rough, it is also a style. How much does it save? White wood is half cheaper than red beech. This kind of money saving method saves more money than running around "panning for gold" without knowing it

3. Buy latex paint, no matter what it is, five in one or three in one, no matter the second or third generation. Just buy ordinary goods of famous brands. Why do you say that? Because Xiaobian thinks that they are not very different. If you want to see the durability after a few years, it's better to work hard to make money in these years, and then pretend. At present, many problems with latex paint are caused by excessive mixing of water. No matter how good the material is mixed with more water, its properties are worse than ordinary goods

4. When buying wood flooring, Xiaobian feels that it is often a psychological problem. If Xiaobian uses wood flooring himself, Xiaobian prefers wood flooring with color difference, which is cheap and has natural texture. From the perspective of saving money, buying 300x300 miscellaneous wood flooring is not much worse than 760x95x18 flooring in use, and the price has to be several times worse. Recommended reading: four owners in Wuhan complain about the experience of saving money in decoration.

how to save money in decoration - what are the strategies for saving money in decoration? 2. Save money from the way of purchasing materials

1. Some people say that it takes time to compare goods, but time is money. So we should pay attention to how to compare the method, otherwise you may not save much money if you run around and sweat. Xiaobian thinks that if you want to compare, you only need to compare two, such as choosing a large-scale brand building materials supermarket and some combined building materials cities. But don't buy goods in small stores. The probability of being cheated is too high. Although goods of the same brand will sell cheaper in small stores, they are likely to have a much lower grade. Xiaobian's friend once had such an experience: once he went to a store in a building materials Street to buy latex paint, and the salesperson took out a bucket of paint from the shelf. The Xiaobian friend saw it was fake, so he told her: give it to me really. The man looked at the little friend and said frankly: OK! So I took out a bucket of new paint from the inside of the store. At first glance, it's still fake. So I told the shopkeeper impatiently: give it to me if you want, don't waste my time. The shopkeeper immediately laughed and said, "OK, OK!"! Go to the warehouse immediately. The salesperson went out on his bike and came back after more than ten minutes, and brought a few barrels of new paint. It was still fake

2. Using the price war, the final winner of the price war is always the consumer. Now some manufacturers often fight price wars at any time, which is exactly what we want. For example, during the price war of air conditioners, it's a good time to buy goods. We can't expect them to buy goods until they lose everything, because at that time, your home decoration may have been finished. The most important thing is that we can save as much as we can. At present, we can save as much as we can

3. Decorate with the concept of off-season. In different regions, the off-season of decoration is different. For example, in the southeast coastal areas, the off-season of decoration is always the plum rain season. At this time, decoration is often low in terms of materials and wages, which is a good time to enter the market. As for whether Mei Yu really has a great impact on the decoration, to be honest, technically speaking, these effects have little impact except that the paint dries slowly

4. Centralized purchase and strive for concessions. If you buy some similar goods from the owner and the west, you may not even get the most basic discount. From a commercial point of view, businesses, whether selling or not, have costs, so it doesn't make much difference to earn more or less. The key is to sell more. Most of them are willing to give more preferential measures to bulk customers

how to save money in decoration - what are the strategies for saving money in decoration? Third, save money from the optimization of design

1. Good design allows you to spend money on ideas first. In a limited budget, only by controlling spending can we achieve the goal of using money with clear priorities. On the other hand, the contrast processing in the design can make some projects use some extremely cheap materials

2. Good design can ensure the spending plan and avoid the rework cost caused by unnecessary mistakes. For example, if you use color casually without design, and finally find it ugly, you have to rework and correct it, which will virtually cause the repetition of materials and labor

3. A good designer will also provide you with suggestions on the use of materials, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, and avoid direct and indirect losses caused by wrong material selection

the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about how to save money in decoration - what are the strategies to save money in decoration? I hope they can help you. The water in the decoration is too deep, and the owner is very easy to be trapped. How can we make the decoration easy? You can go to Wuhan home decoration network for decoration bidding, and you can recommend three decoration companies with good reputation in Wuhan to measure the room and budget for free. Wuhan home decoration network is fully supported and supervised by Hubei decoration industry association. Wuhan is the only platform that truly provides third-party decoration supervision services, so that you can really rest assured of decoration. Registration Tel.: 400-607-2258 [free application]




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