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A few days ago, Ms. Zheng from Wuhan revealed to Xiaobian that the decoration company that she had paid a deposit of 10000 yuan was deserted only a few months later. Now, if the money doesn't come back, the agreed decoration is also gone. In view of this situation, what should Ms. Zheng do? The editor of Wuhan home decoration network gave her some suggestions based on similar situations in the past, and also reminded the owners to be cautious in choosing decoration companies

how to deal with being cheated - report the case in time and resolutely safeguard rights

if the amount involved is small, it is generally OK to go to the industry and Commerce Department, but for fraud involving a large amount of money like Ms. Zheng, it is generally necessary to go to the police in the jurisdiction. Make corresponding records and leave relevant documents and contracts to the police for the convenience of recovering the deposit later

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