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In the eyes of his peers in the door and window industry, Chen Xiao, the leader of Yifa door and window, is a bold man. This courage can be seen in his decision to lock in the high-end door and window Market 12 years ago

in the eyes of his peers in the door and window industry, Chen Xiao, the leader of Yifa door and window, is a bold man. This courage can be seen in his decision to lock in the high-end door and window Market 12 years ago

Chen Xiao believes that with the development of China's economy, residents' income is increasing rapidly, and the consumption structure is constantly upgrading. Consumers' requirements for home decoration products and services will only be high or low. They will pay more attention to quality and brand consumption. Therefore, as a rare high-end door and window positioning enterprise in the industry, Yifa door and window was officially established in 2004, and the first generation of high-end door and window products were launched

after twoorthree years of development, Yifa doors and windows has stood out in the domestic and even export markets with its high-quality and novel door and window products. Products are in short supply. Chen Xiao immediately plans to build a factory, successively expand the production scale to 60000 square meters, which is rare in the industry, and set up the industry's first overseas Laboratory for high-end doors and windows overseas to meet market demand

seeing that Yifa doors and windows are so active, many dealers have also joined in. Chen Xiao led enterprises to improve dealer support policies, launched the "create a millionaire and multimillionaire" plan, and more than 500 franchised stores have been planted across the country. In addition to the support of talents, technology and funds, the "barbaric growth" of Yifa doors and windows is also the result of Chen Xiao's bold and resolute personality

I can't help but wonder, what gave him so much courage to build high-end doors and windows

Chen Xiao said that the reason why he has the courage to test the high-end door and window market earlier and expand it without hesitation is not only his judgment that consumers increasingly pay attention to high-end and quality life, but also his brand view of "building a brand is like planting a tree". He believes that to plant a "brand tree", enterprises should be the soil and products should be the root. At the same time, the broad market should give it enough sunshine and moisture. Under the guidance of this systematic brand concept, he carefully cultivated Yifa doors and windows, a "brand tree", making Yifa doors and windows gradually rooted in the hearts of the people

from the perspective of morality, conduct and character, cultivate the enterprise into the soil for the growth of the brand tree

Chen Xiao said that at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, he was interested in building Yifa doors and windows into a "three grade" enterprise, that is, good morality, good conduct and unique character, because he was confident that such an enterprise could become a fertile soil for the growth of the brand tree

for this reason, Yifa doors and windows choose environmental protection materials and use imported skin wood grain or fluorocarbon paint to ensure that each door and window becomes the "preferred product for key promotion of green environmental protection"; Enterprises also set an example in the industry, fully implement the supportive policies promised to dealers, and eliminate the conduct problems of "empty talk and lying" in enterprises. In addition, Yifa doors and windows adheres to the business principle of "respecting customers, valuing peace, pragmatic innovation, and stable development". For 12 years, it has been pursuing new development and breakthroughs step by step, gradually precipitating the cultural concept of pragmatism, rigor, and the pursuit of excellence, which is extremely personalized in the industry

starting from quality, grade and appearance, build products into the root of the brand tree

as an important medium to connect enterprises and consumers, the importance of products is self-evident. Chen Xiao believes that in order to make the brand tree stand, there must be enough strong products whose roots must be deep underground, and products are nothing more than a combination of quality, grade and appearance. "Quality refers to the quality, function and supporting services of products, which should meet the basic requirements of consumers; grade refers to the price and shelf level of products; appearance refers to the appearance and style design of products." He explained in detail

based on this product based concept, Yifa doors and windows does not hesitate to spend a lot of money and material resources, select aerospace quality aluminum materials, and equip with automotive grade double-layer hollow tempered glass to ensure the high quality of products; We also set up a team of top international designers to innovate the style of doors and windows. Therefore, the high quality and grade of products and good appearance can not only meet the quality requirements of consumers, but also improve the quality of life of consumers by more than one grade through the continuous enrichment of styles, styles and high-end services. In this way, the brand image of Yifa doors and windows is naturally rooted in the hearts of consumers

expand the market from category, taste and taste, and provide sunshine and moisture for the brand tree

in the face of the proposition of "lack of market, enterprises will be eliminated", Chen Xiao used the "three products", namely category, taste and taste, as the answer. In his view, the secret weapon of Yifa doors and windows to expand the market lies in the word "independence"

"have a unique category positioning in the market, give consumers a unique psychological feeling with unique taste, and then make the positioning of high-end taste firmly occupy the minds of consumers. The 'market base' is more confident to win, and the tree of brands can be nourished by sunshine and moisture." Chen Xiao explained

it's simple now, but Chen Xiao also said frankly that he had made many difficulties in the word "independence". At that time, there was a confused and hard exploration period, which has been deeply remembered by him and many old employees. After a lot of market research, repeated communication with designers and a series of work, Yifa doors and windows will take the product style as a breakthrough

according to the market feedback, the product style of Yifa doors and windows has a wonderful charm. No matter the older generation who like traditional Chinese style or the young people who pursue fashion, they all appreciate Yifa doors and windows' products, which is the effect of Chen Xiao's bold opening up new styles. It is understood that the products of Yifa doors and windows not only contain classic elements in Chinese traditional culture, but also are rich in cultural connotation and exude high-end and elegant oriental beauty; It also integrates the popular style of modern fashion, conforms to the trend of simplicity, integrates connotation and fashion, and is unique in the market

in this way, as the leader of Yifa doors and windows, Chen Xiao formed mature networks in his mind long before taking seemingly bold actions. The network about brand building brings products, enterprises and markets together, which has become an important support for him to cultivate the brand tree of Yifa doors and windows





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