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For people now, buying a house is a very big thing, and it is also very difficult. But for people who buy a house, decoration is also a big thing. When they buy a house, they naturally want to decorate it into the ideal shape, but it is a little difficult for Xiaobai to decorate it. Now let's introduce 30 dry goods of home decoration that Xiaobai doesn't know about

1. The space must not be changed randomly. If you want to change it, you must ask professionals to evaluate it

2. When dismantling the wall, pay attention to whether it is a load-bearing wall

3. The TV background wall is simple and atmospheric. Don't make fancy ones, which are easy to be out of date.

4. It's best to make a water retaining strip on the countertop of the kitchen, otherwise the oil and water stains will flow down in the later stage, and the ground will be very dirty.

5. Hardware must be bought, otherwise you will have all kinds of bad conditions in the later stage, and it's troublesome to replace

6. The water pipe must be of good quality, otherwise it will be troublesome to replace it in the later stage

7. A socket should be reserved next to the toilet, so that the smart toilet can be used later

8. Be sure to measure the hole spacing before purchasing the toilet

9. The glue used to fix the toilet must be mold proof and black proof, otherwise it will be difficult to see in the later stage

10. The color of the floor should not be too dark, and a little dust in the dark Department can be seen clearly

11. Do not use white cement for the beautiful seams of tiles, which will turn black in the later stage, which will be difficult to see

12. Do not make the cabinet open, which is easy to fall dust, and it is difficult to clean

13. Try not to leave dead corners in the decoration, or it will be a great difficulty to clean in the later stage

14 During the decoration, we must ask clearly about the additional items, and we can't accept the additional items.

15. The composite floor is more practical and cost-effective. It's difficult to maintain the solid wood in the later stage.

16. Try not to plug it in. This must choose a metal socket. First, it's expensive, and second, the dust will go into the gap in the later stage, so it's difficult to clean it.

17. The number of power sockets should not be less, otherwise there will be insufficient use in the later stage, and there will be tow boards everywhere.

18 Concealed works must be handled well, otherwise it will be troublesome in the later stage

19. Pay attention to the slope of the toilet floor drain, otherwise when you take a shower in the later stage, your whole foot is soaked in the water

20. Glass is not recommended for the washstand, which is easy to break

21. Waterproof the upstairs, be sure to check whether there are water stains on the roof of your home

22. It is best to install double control in the bedroom, which is convenient to use

23. The location of the water heater must be reserved, Otherwise, it's hard to be exposed outside in the later stage.

24. The storage room must pay more attention, otherwise it will be very messy if not put enough in the later stage.

25. Use bricks for the balcony, don't use waterproof paint.

26. Don't make a final decision for the children's space, and plan with the children's growth.

27. The wardrobe must be upside down, otherwise it's easy to fall dust on it in the later stage, and it's not easy to clean it

28. Don't use more than three colors on the wall, which will be very messy

29. The payment for decoration must be divided into four time periods

30. The kitchen can be made into a shelf, which will store well

the above is about the sharing of 30 pieces of home decoration dry goods knowledge that Xiaobai doesn't know about decoration, and I hope it will be helpful to Xiaobai decoration. Xiaobian suggested that it is best to know all kinds of relevant knowledge about house decoration before house decoration, so as not to be fooled during decoration





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