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In the primary aluminum import and export data of the first quarter of 2002, what are the two major situations of the speed regulation system of the fatigue testing machine friction and wear testing machine, that is, constant speed and stepless adjustment? Guohai recently released the primary aluminum import and export data for the first quarter of 2002. In the first quarter, it imported 54300 tons, a decrease of 16.7% over the same period last year. A total of 107518 tons were exported, an increase of 91.5% over the same period last year. The decrease in imports and the increase in exports are conducive to the stability of domestic aluminum prices

Chinalco, famous for its inferior quality and low price, is becoming more and more popular in Korea

last year, 102993 tons of Korean aluminum ingots were imported from China at the same time. In 2000, only 19274 tons were imported into China

the substantial increase in imports from China is mainly due to the price advantage of aluminum products from China compared with those from other countries. In addition, its quality is also constantly improving

at present, in the spot market of South Korea, the quotation of imported aluminum ingots from China is USD/ton (CIF, compared with the current LME price), while the quotation of aluminum ingots from Russia is USD/ton (CIF), and that from western countries is USD/ton (CIF). The price of some aluminum ingots in China has even reached US $15/ton in recent years, while some products in Russia have reached US $27/ton. Moreover, it takes less time and costs to buy Chinese products, because the two countries are close

at present, the inventory of Chinese aluminum ingots in private trading banks in Korean ports is increasing, estimated at 12000 tons, an increase of 2000 tons over the same period last year

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