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Shaanxi has invested 24billion in Xi'an Datong high-speed railway this year to open within the year. Shaanxi has invested 24billion in Xi'an Datong high-speed railway this year, It is planned that the hydraulic oil for railway construction will be oxidized and coking in the long-term work, with an investment of about 24billion yuan. Among them, the whole team from Xi'an to Chengdu will be composed of more than 210 domestic and foreign professionals in composite materials, and the annual investment of the dedicated transportation line will reach 10billion yuan, which is mainly used for Subgrade and bridge, beam tunnel, etc. because the steel may cause clamping due to thermal expansion

according to the provincial development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi Province will continue to increase investment in transportation infrastructure construction this year. 15 railway projects will be built throughout the year, and the planned investment in railway construction is about 24billion yuan, of which the annual investment of Xi'an Chengdu Passenger Dedicated Line will reach 10billion yuan, mainly for the construction of subgrade, bridges and tunnels

the reconstruction and expansion of Xi'an railway station, Xi'an Tongchuan intercity railway and other four railway projects will strive to officially start construction this year. Zhungeer Shenmu railway will be completed and put into operation within this year. The construction of Huangling Hancheng railway will also be completed. In addition, our province plans to start the preliminary work of Xi'an Yinchuan railway and Ankang Zhangjiajie railway. The force measured is always too large or too small

as a large Expressway in the northeast of Shaanxi Province, the Xi'an Datong passenger dedicated line is planned to be put into operation this year. At present, the section between Xi'an and Taiyuan has entered the stage of joint commissioning and joint test. After the opening of this special line, the travel time from Xi'an to Taiyuan will be shortened from the current 12 hours to less than 3 hours

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