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Ralls' statement on the first trial of Ralls' case with Obama

ralls' statement on the first trial of Ralls' case with Obama

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Guide: on the morning of November 28, local time, Ralls' attorney came to the Colombian District Court in the United States. Before Judge Amy Berman Jackson, The court debated the case that the U.S. government claimed to revoke Ralls' lawsuit against Obama on the pretext of lack of judicial power. The court hearing has been held for two

on the morning of November 28 local time in the United States, the lawyer representing Ralls company came to the U.S. District Court of Columbia and held a court debate in front of judge Amy Berman Jackson on the U.S. government's claim to revoke the case of Ralls company suing Obama on the pretext of lack of judicial power. The court hearing lasted two hours. Judge Jackson made full preparations and questioned the lawyers of both sides on the key issue of whether the presidential decree issued by President Obama on the buttercreek project can be subject to judicial review. No judgment was made in court. Ralls, an affiliate of Sany group in the United States, hopes that the court will make a reasonable, reasonable and legal judgment and prepare for an appeal if necessary

After the trial, Ralls made the following statement:

ralls believes that the US government's order to deprive and destroy Ralls' private property without any due process is unauthorized and illegal. Indeed, there is no notice, hearing, evidence or explanation. Today, Ralls appeared in court just to gain a simple opportunity to explain his experience in court, that is, he was deprived of due process, subjected to unfair treatment, and endangered by unauthorized government actions

the court has the judicial power to review Ralls' claims, that is, the U.S. government has violated Ralls' right to due process, Ralls' right to equal protection, and has engaged in acts without legal authorization. In fact, the judicial review of the executive branch is an inherent and long cherished function in the American judicial system

the Supreme Court has always held that the federal courts have jurisdiction to hear constitutional claims, such as those made by Ralls, even if a statutory provision prevents other claims. The presidential decree deprived Ralls of the right to judicial review of its constitutional claims, and violated the principle of separation of powers and due process guaranteed by the constitution. The Supreme Court also made it clear that the federal courts have jurisdiction to hear claims that the government has committed unauthorized acts. In addition, the Supreme Court frequently evaluates constitutional claims and complaints against unauthorized government actions, even when it involves presidential actions or traditional administrative privileges such as national security, war power, foreign policy, etc

if the U.S. government persists in its practice and prevents Ralls from asking for permission to present his views in court, it will set a dangerous precedent for the rule of law and greatly weaken the independence of the federal court in reviewing unconstitutional and other illegal government actions. Ralls only asked that the door of the court should be kept open so that Ralls could fully question the basis of the illegal administrative power in this case and act recklessly

the case number is case No. 1:12-cv-01513-abj

background materials:

about Ralls and the background of the acquisition case

(according to the memorandum of Ralls against the motion to dismiss, the original source is omitted)

ralls is a Delaware company, and its main place of business is in Georgia. It is privately owned by two Chinese citizens: Duan Dawei and wujialiang. Mr. Duan is the chief financial officer of Sany group, a Chinese multinational manufacturing company (hereinafter referred to as "Sany"), and Mr. Wu is the deputy general manager of Sany and the general manager of Sany electric company, a subsidiary of Sany. Ralls' business is to look for opportunities to develop and build wind farms that can use Sany wind turbines in the United States. Therefore, Ralls is committed to demonstrating the quality and reliability of Sany wind turbines to the U.S. wind power industry

in March2010, Oregon wind farm, an American company, sold four small wind farms in Oregon to terna, a Greek company. In march2012, Ralls purchased these wind farms from terna in a secondary transaction. When RA was used for the acquisition of PE and evalls, these four wind farms were "green space" development projects, and their qualifications included the right to obtain the permission of local land holders for vehicle polyurethane materials to enter their real estate and build wind turbines in line with this trend, the public energy purchase agreement signed with local public utilities Generator interconnection agreements and necessary government permits that allow the connection of utilities and the construction of wind turbines at specific locations. All wind farms have received the "no potential danger" certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, including the audit of the Department of defense. For the rest, only Ralls construction can print the fan and put it into operation with the standard test report composed of force value, displacement, stiffness, curve and other data

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