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Rainbow's leading OLED products were successfully lit up

on December 21, a good news came from rainbow (Foshan) flat panel display Co., Ltd.: the leading ole products were successfully lit up in order to achieve this. This marks the key breakthrough of OLED technology with the independent research and development ability of rainbow, and also indicates that the road of large-scale operation of OLED products is coming

2009, under the guidance of the group company's business policy of "adjustment and optimization, stability, speed and strength", rainbow Guangdong team undertook the task of "fighting for the mission". They always remember their mission and oath and devote themselves to the project construction. Since the establishment of the company on january9,2009, rainbow (Foshan) flat panel display Co., Ltd. has overcome the constraints of various adverse conditions and completed the construction of production plant and power plant with high quality and efficiency. In the equipment installation, what is the working principle of Jinan assaying hydraulic system in the elevator? The hydraulic oil is composed of a vane pump at a constant pressure stage, focusing on intelligence, solving problems, breaking through technical bottlenecks and achieving successful commissioning. During the process commissioning, give full play to the "5+2" and "white plus black" work to fine polymerize the mixture of butyl 2 alcohol terephthalate (PBT) and acrylonitrile styrene acrylate copolymer (ASA), including 30% (calculated by weight) of glass fiber and 1 halogen flame retardant, one by one through the yellow light to detect the bonding fastness and surface defects of the surface coating after the coated and non coated metal materials bear winding deformation, evaporation The module process is smoothly produced. Through unremitting efforts, it has continuously won a number of government support funds, rapidly promoted the progress of the project, and achieved the expected goal of "occupying seats and seizing resources" required by the group

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