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Randy machines save energy and reduce consumption to create a better life

in 2012, the energy consumption quota per unit product of building tempered glass (Shanghai local standard) began to be implemented. As the main drafting unit of this standard, Luoyang Randy Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Randy machinery) has always been concerned about environmental issues, and has taken energy conservation and consumption reduction as an important indicator in the design and production of tempering equipment

in may, 2015, in addition to requiring the experimental machine itself to reach the specified accuracy, the Randy steel series tempering equipment, which has been developed by Randy people for ten years, was introduced to the world, achieving a significant improvement in product quality, production efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, intelligent operation and wireless remote control. Among them, in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, Randy steel equipment is at the forefront of the industry: the new oval furnace body of Randy steel series tempering equipment, in addition to the energy-saving advantages of smaller furnace surface area and less heat dissipation surface, uses the unique multiple insulation technology of Randy machine in the heating section, supplemented by leading composite insulation materials, effectively blocks the heat conduction of furnace wall and significantly reduces heat loss. At the same time, Randy steel series tempering equipment can automatically monitor the tempering degree of glass, intelligently adjust the time distribution and fan power of high-pressure blowing and low-pressure blowing, and achieve the best cooling curve control; Compared with the existing ordinary convection furnaces, Randy steel series tempering furnaces can effectively reduce the energy consumption of fans and ensure the complete tempering and cooling of glass

data show that China's energy consumption per unit of GDP is twice the world average, and the glass industry is also a high energy consumption industry; Therefore, all our enterprises and users should pay attention to and practice energy conservation and consumption reduction in production. Only in this way can we have a high-quality GDP and a sustainable living environment

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