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As a world-famous cad/cam software supplier, Cimatron Software Co., Ltd. in Israel has been committed to providing advanced cad/cam systems for the manufacturing industry. It not only provides users with powerful general cad/cam systems, but also provides comprehensive solutions for the mold manufacturing industry. Cimatron was founded in 1982, and its shares have been listed on NASDAQ in the United States. Several companies have discussed their cooperation intentions in developing artificial cartilage with Gong Jianping's team. Worldwide, Cimatron has more than 7000 users, and the sales volume of the system has reached 12000 sets. Users are widely distributed in automobiles, aviation, computers, toys, consumer goods, medical, military, optical instruments, telecommunications, educational institutions and scientific research institutions. Today, Cimatron has 35 branches and subsidiaries worldwide

The Cimatron Software product of Cimatron company is an integrated cad/cam product. In a unified system environment, using a unified database, users can complete the structural design of products, part design, output design drawings, carry out manual or automatic mold parting according to the three-dimensional model of parts, and then carry out automatic NC machining of male and female dies, and output the NC code of machining

windows guidance

with the development of mold manufacturing industry, new requirements are put forward for cad/cam system. Today, Cimatron is not only a general cad/cam system, Moreover, it provides a new tool set for the mold industry - quick series products (quick product browsing {quickconcept}, rapid mold parting and draft angle analysis and quick definition of parting surface {quick split}, comparative analysis of rapid product design {quickcompare}, rapid charging mold design tool {quickdie}, etc.)

multi axis parts processing

today, the user base of Cimatron in China is also rapidly expanding, and has been widely used in various industries. It has become the recognized preferred product for mold design and manufacturing today, and many well-known enterprises in China have adopted Cimatron. These users include Chunlan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Haier Mold Co., Ltd., oakmar mold center, Midea mold manufacturing Co., Ltd., Xinke Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Henan Xinxiang Xinfei mold manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jinan Qingqi Group, Jinan Xiaoya mold manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Shifeng group, Luoyang China First Tractor Group, Changchun Bus Factory Guokai mold manufacturing and equipment maintenance Co., Ltd Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Xi'an Aero Engine Company, Shaanxi Xi'an Antai blade Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Beijing heavy duty motor factory, Beijing first Academy of aerospace, Dalian Kangfa mold manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yuejin Group mold factory, Changhe aircraft manufacturing company, Hangzhou bus manufacturing factory, Shanghai Feiyi bus manufacturing factory, Wuhan Shenlong Many branches of Shanghai Volkswagen Group (such as Shanghai Hezhong auto parts factory, Shanghai Nonferrous metal mold factory, Shanghai Volkswagen Parts Factory), etc

technical features

as a world-famous cad/cam system, Cimatron has always been recognized as a world leader in NC programming, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, knowledge-based processing: This is the built-in processing core feature of Cimatron system. This feature ensures that after the user selects the processing object and the appropriate processing method and process parameters, the processing status is analyzed, Adjust the tool path reasonably to make the processing result more reasonable, safer and more efficient

2, machining based on blank residue knowledge

residual blank allowance

as the original manufacturer of this technology, Cimatron makes this technology more perfect and rich. Blank residual knowledge refers to that the user defines the corresponding initial blank according to the actual processed blank shape (that is, regular blanks, such as square and round blanks, can also be defined, and shaped casting blanks offset based on the theoretical model of the part). During the processing process, the system always knows the blank shape and blank characteristics remaining on the surface of the theoretical model of the part after the last processing, Thus, a series of machining optimization are made for the machining path in combination with the specific machining methods:

real-time analysis of blank dynamics

(1) realize the machining without empty tool path: especially when the machined parts are cast, this feature makes the generated tool path have no empty path, and the machining path and efficiency are optimal; Because we can define the casting blanks offset equidistant along the part surface according to the theoretical model of the part according to the situation of the casting blanks, and the Cimatron system always knows the current blank state on the surface of the theoretical model of the part. When the contour roughing is carried out, the system will optimize the calculation according to the current blank state of the part surface, and only generate the processing track where there are blanks, Avoid the situation of empty cutting when the system without blank residue knowledge performs contour roughening

automatic removal of empty tool

(2) realize safe and relatively safe rapid tool lifting and moving: in order to improve the efficiency of processing, Cimatron supports the relative tool lifting method of relative tool lifting position, and the relative height can be positioned higher than a certain height of the lifting position, such as 2mm and 5mm. During the tool moving process, the tool is compared with the residual workpiece of the part, and in the case of interference, the safety height initially defined by the user is used to move the tool

(3) realize the interference inspection of the tool and its collet in the real sense:

(a) real interference inspection: the cam system without real interference inspection based on the blank residual knowledge is compared with the theoretical model of the tool and the part, which is easy to lead to the collision of the actual processing, while the cam system using the blank residual knowledge is compared with the tool and the residual blank shape of the last actual processing of the part, Make the collision inspection more perfect, safer and more reasonable

(b) automatic use of alternative tools for successive processing: the user can specify the list of alternative processing tools. When the first tool interferes with the ravines in the processing of extra deep valleys, the system uses only the current tool to process the areas that can be processed, then uses the second tool to process the areas that can be processed, and then selects another tool to process the areas that can be processed until the processing is completed. In the program output, the user can choose to output different parts of the program according to the tool, or automatically change the tool in the program and output with a program

(4) realize the analysis of tool load and rate adjustment and Optimization in a complete sense:

(ABS glass fiber reinforced materials (abs+gf) often encounter problems such as floating fiber, too short storage length of glass fiber, poor bonding between glass fiber and matrix, etc. A) based on cutting volume: Processing Based on blank residual knowledge enables the system to truly analyze the load according to the current actual processing volume of the tool - processing volume, rather than speculate according to the tool width, The scientificity and accuracy of tool load analysis and optimization are increased

(b) based on the cutting angle: Cimatron can not only adjust and optimize the speed according to the blank condition, but also optimize according to the motion angle of the tool along the part surface - the larger the angle of cutting into the material, the smaller the speed, and the larger the angle of cutting out the material, the larger the speed

(c) overload layered machining: Cimatron load analysis and optimization technology also selects the layered cutting treatment method when there is too much allowance, that is, the excessive residual blanks are automatically processed in multiple layers

automatic layered processing

3, deep processing technology processing extra deep parts: in actual processing, we will encounter many deep parts. In order to achieve the best processing effect, Cimatron allows users to gradually increase the length of tools with the increase of depth, and the depth range of tools with different lengths can be limited, Thus, the machining deviation caused by tool springback when using a single length tool to complete the whole machining is avoided, resulting in the unsatisfactory machining result

4, intuitive processing result verification: it supports the comparison between the final processing result blank and the theoretical model, so that programmers can quickly know the basic situation of the current program after the actual processing of parts, so as to help programmers make programming decisions, that is, know the situation that further processing is required, and carry out further programming

5, automatic programming based on process characteristics; As the first company to apply this technology, Cimatron makes the application of this technology more flexible. This technology can store the typical process and parameters of the factory to form a processing mode. When new parts can be processed by the same processing method, technicians do not need to compile the processing process from scratch, so that the system can realize automatic programming according to the processing mode selected by technicians. This technology has the following characteristics:

(a) the process mode does not need to be customized. As long as a processing process is considered reusable, the user can save the processing mode

(b) the process parameter table of the processing mode has the parameter correlation of the process parameters. The modification of several process parameters can modify other related process parameters. For example, when the user should use another tool, the cutting depth and lateral cutting capacity will be modified, which not only increases the quickness and convenience of the definition of process parameters, but also increases the adaptability of the process mode

(c) realize the recognition and extraction of geometric information in many ways. The processing of a part includes multiple processing steps, and some of the different processing steps may only involve the relevant parts of the part. At this time, the process mode is required to automatically identify the corresponding geometric information related to a processing step. Cimatron allows users to specify a variety of methods to complete, such as the mechanism based on color recognition, the mechanism based on linetype, the mechanism based on geometric set definition, and the combination of the three mechanisms

(d) these processes are more reasonable, refined, safe and efficient because they combine a large number of actual conditions such as the product characteristics, programming characteristics and actual equipment processing conditions of the user unit; These typical processes can form a programming knowledge base, and new technicians can quickly use the existing process base for actual programming work

6, integrated processing strategy based on slope analysis technology:

(a) slope analysis technology: slope analysis technology is a technology for milling processing characteristics, which is produced with the increasingly urgent processing and production needs, and the requirements for processing programming are more automatic and faster. This technology refers to the ability to analyze and distinguish the actual shape characteristics of parts in the process of program generation, So as to complete the program calculation technology of specific shape and specific processing method

(b) integrated analysis and processing: Cimatron is one of the cam systems that first adopted slope analysis technology. Today, Cimatron has realized the primary stage of automatic analysis and search technology for individual feature areas and then processing the specific area with appropriate processing methods, and has developed to the integrated analysis and processing for the whole processing object - using one function can identify and analyze the characteristics of different processing areas, Then integrate different areas of the whole part, adopt different processing strategies for different areas in the most optimized and fastest way, and ensure the best tool path connection and optimization between different processing areas, so as to ensure the best surface quality


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