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With an investment of more than 20billion yuan, the construction of Jiangxi "north to South" high-speed railway is in full swing

with an investment of more than 20billion yuan, the construction of Jiangxi "north to South" high-speed railway is in full swing

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this year, Jiangxi Province has further promoted the progress of four projects under construction, including the Chang Gan passenger dedicated line, Rui Jiu railway, jiujingqu railway and Nanchang station reconstruction project, and has realized the commencement of the construction of the Gan Shen passenger dedicated line, Xingquan railway and WUXIKOU reservoir rerouting project of Anhui Jiangxi Railway on schedule, Advance the preliminary work of the an Jiu intercity railway in an orderly manner. By the end of November, Jiangxi Province had completed a total investment of 17.99 billion yuan, accounting for 87% of the annual plan. It is expected that by the end of December this year, a total investment of 20.78 billion yuan will be completed, and the annual investment plan will be fully completed. Before mass production, we need to carry out spot check and color test

the ganshen passenger dedicated line and anjiu passenger dedicated line that have recently started construction, together with the Changji Ganzhou passenger dedicated line under construction, mark the full implementation of the construction of the main channel of the "north to South" high-speed railway in Jiangxi Province. This will form a railway fast track connecting Jiangxi with the surrounding areas and connecting important economic zones

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