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Inspect unmanned equipment Gao Ningyu visits Shanhe intelligence

inspect unmanned equipment Gao Ningyu visits Shanhe intelligence

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recently, Gao Ningyu, the general leader of Hunan fire rescue corps, led a team to inspect Shanhe intelligence, accompanied by chairman he Qinghua, deputy general manager Zhang Daqing and heads of relevant departments

the production and marketing boom has been remarkable. Gao Ningyu and his delegation watched the Shanhe unmanned helicopter and the ground unmanned off-road platform Demonstration of sample and clamping part and intelligent remote control excavator. After the visit, Captain Gao said, "Shanhe intelligence is an enterprise with strong innovation ability and a sense of society."

Hunan fire rescue Corps visited Shanhe this time to understand the progress of the company's projects in unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned vehicles, and to investigate the possibility of cooperation between the two sides in the field of unmanned fire rescue equipment

the two sides had in-depth communication on fire-fighting equipment for high-rise buildings, forest fire-fighting equipment and unmanned platforms for danger rescue. The two sides will also discuss solutions in the fields of tethered high-rise building fire unmanned aerial vehicles, heavy-duty fire unmanned helicopters and hybrid unmanned rescue vehicles

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