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Made in China 2025: put "interconnection +" into the industrial field

and take 30 years to make China's manufacturing industry enter the world's first square, which is the ultimate goal of implementing made in China 2025. Therefore, we must realize the leapfrog development of manufacturing industry. In this process, we must always rely on innovation driven, promote intelligent manufacturing, and expand interconnection +

the made in China 2025 roadmap is about to emerge, and the ten areas it will highlight have not only become the focus of the stock market, but also made the direction of the leapfrog upgrading of China's manufacturing industry clearer

the Ministry of industry and information technology is also the only way for the sustainable development of the automotive industry. Minister Miao Wei said that whether it is to transform and upgrade traditional industries or cultivate and develop emerging industries, whether it is to consolidate the industrial foundation or deeply integrate with the Internet, its ultimate goal is to promote the development of made in China to the middle and high-end fields, so that China will become a world manufacturing power within 10 years

intelligent manufacturing, what to make, how to make

facing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, manufacturing powers such as the United States and Germany have put forward ideas and plans for manufacturing upgrading. In the made in China 2025 plan, intelligent manufacturing is the main direction and the fundamental path to solve the problem of China's manufacturing industry from big to strong. Miao Wei said

xiongqunli, chairman and Secretary of the Party group of China Electronics Technology Group, believes that intelligent manufacturing includes the intelligence of production equipment, production lines and production organizations, which is to integrate the technology of stabilizing the downstream finished material market of the new generation of information technology into all links of manufacturing activities. First, it should be computerized, and then it should be connected. Both are indispensable. Zhou Hongren, executive deputy director of the national informatization expert advisory committee, concluded

at present, China has a certain foundation for intelligent manufacturing. After the pilot demonstration of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, the informatization level of China's manufacturing industry has been rapidly improved, and the popularity of digital R & D and design tools has reached 54%. Robot applications have also moved from the automotive industry to electronic information industry, textile industry and other industrial industries

robots are important terminals and carriers to realize intelligent manufacturing, but robots should also be combined with new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT, etc., and can perceive and feedback, which is the real intelligent manufacturing. Shi Jinhao, a senior expert on components of China Electronics Technology Group, said

Miao Wei was deeply touched by this. He told that some CNC systems and industrial robots only operate according to the program set by people, and there is no artificial intelligence. So there have been people who forget to turn off the power and get hurt when repairing robots. China needs to further improve its intelligence level in terms of high-end sensors and major operating systems

the Ministry of industry and information technology recently informed that more than 30 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects will be launched this year, and the pilot scope will be further expanded by 2017. Wang Yiyin, an analyst at CCID Consulting equipment industry research center, said that intelligent manufacturing has very high requirements for technical level and financial strength, while the development level of China's manufacturing industry is uneven, and it is necessary to slowly promote intelligent manufacturing through pilot projects

Internet +, what to add, how to add

made in China 2025 proposes to comply with the development trend of Internet +, and take the deep integration of informatization and industrialization as the main line to transform and improve China's manufacturing industry

this is not a simple addition of interconnection and manufacturing. Gongxiaofeng, director of the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, stressed that instead, we should give full play to the effect of multiplication, deeply integrate new Internet technologies with the manufacturing industry, and optimize the production mode, investment mode, management mode and business model of the manufacturing industry. Zhou Hongren stressed that the industries that Internet + wants to add must be digitalized and have a basic information system before they can be added

at present, some key technologies of IOT in China are leading the world, mobile Internet applications are at the forefront of the world, and mobile communication technology represented by 4G is reshaping the world industry pattern. The first mover advantage of the new generation of information technology has laid a good foundation for intelligent manufacturing, but the integration of the two is far from enough

in this regard, Li Jun, President of Dawning company, for example, said that a German enterprise accepted a customized order for Harley motorcycles. After online payment was completed, a Harley Motorcycle worth $100000 could be delivered to the user's door within 24 hours. However, Chinese motorcycle enterprises can hardly realize customization. It's not that we can't do it, but that the integration of informatization and manufacturing is not enough. Once combined, it will soon achieve added value and greatly enhance competitiveness. Li Jun said that Shuguang company recently announced that it would build a nationwide informatization and big data management service network, and completed the third transformation to cloud computing + big data, which is also an opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

China's Internet development has the advantage of demographic dividend. Gongxiaofeng believes that compared with Germany, although China's manufacturing industry has a weak foundation, it has more advantages in Internet application and innovation. We should take advantage of the multi-level and large-scale characteristics of the Chinese market to speed up the application of Internet technology, transform and upgrade traditional industries, and revitalize China's manufacturing industry

Chen Wei, director of the software service industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the key to the next step is to add interconnection + to the industrial field and build industrial interconnection. There is still much room for the integration of interconnection and manufacturing

innovation driven, how to create what is created

it is recognized in the industry that at present, the United States is in the first square of the global manufacturing industry, Germany and Japan are in the second square, and China, Britain, France and South Korea are in the third square. It will take China 10 years to enter the second phalanx, and 30 highly automated coating lines will be used to ensure customer requirements and eliminate potential health hazards for workers. China will strive to enter the first phalanx. Miao Wei said

it is a leap forward development for China's manufacturing industry with uneven internal level to catch up with the upgrading of German industry 4.0

although the output of more than 220 kinds of industrial products in China ranks first in the world, the proportion of foreign-funded enterprises is relatively high, and there are few truly independent innovations. Gongxiaofeng said that an important reason why China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong is that over the years, it has paid more attention to terminal products, ignoring the innovation and guarantee power of basic fields such as basic materials, basic processes and industrial technology foundation of the manufacturing industry, and core technologies and key products are subject to people

in this regard, Li Yizhong, President of the China Federation of industrial economics, pointed out that it is necessary to improve the manufacturing innovation system combining production, study, research and application, speed up the tackling of major scientific and technological projects and industry common technologies, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and improve the innovation ability of key links, key fields and enterprises. Turn the core technology and key technology into the basic process technology of advanced manufacturing

5.5 large extension of lead screw Zui: 450mm; This is also the reason why made in China 2025 is more innovation driven. Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the plan always takes innovation as the core competitiveness, and we should shorten the gap between the high-end field and the international market through innovation. Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo Group, believes that international famous brands should be better introduced, Chinese manufacturing enterprises should be promoted to go global, and Chinese manufacturing enterprises should benchmark international famous brands, so as to comprehensively improve quality, technology and services

accelerating accumulation is the only way for China's manufacturing industry to develop by leaps and bounds. Ultimately, it still depends on improving quality and building brands. Gongxiaofeng said

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