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Recently, the author walked into Jintang and heard an exciting news: in the first quarter of this year, Jintang plastic machine screw industry achieved an output value of 640 million yuan, an increase of 36.9% year-on-year. Among them, the export delivery value increased by about 30% year-on-year. In the context of macroeconomic complexity, this achievement is even more valuable. Bao Guangming, deputy director of the Economic Development Department of Jintang Management Committee, said so

as the hometown of screw in China, Jintang has more than 570 screw enterprises, whose products occupy 70% of the national market. However, after the financial crisis in 2008, and deeply affected by the European debt crisis in 2011, Jintang screw industry was once depressed. Due to market weakness, overcapacity and low-cost competition, Jintang screw no longer has the advantage

where is the way to break through? Occupy the international market with international vision and international standards, and build a world plastic machine screw manufacturing base. Jintang screw is experiencing rebirth

process reengineering, to sum up: the demand of oscillation test is to recognize the firmness of products and screen out defective products before leaving the factory. On the morning of April 27, Xia Zengfu, chairman of Zhejiang Huaye Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., who just returned from an overseas investigation, was interviewed. He said that the design plan of xihou's new plant was finally finalized, and the process reengineering plan of the new plant had also been finalized

a large workshop is connected into one, with a heat treatment workshop in the middle and two large workshops on both sides. This seemingly simple design drawing has spent a lot of energy and financial resources of Xia Zengfu. Pointing to the drawings, he told that the plant was designed by famous domestic designers, while the production process reengineering was done by American experts

what is process reengineering? Baidu explained that it refers to a work design mode that fundamentally considers and thoroughly designs the process of an enterprise to significantly improve its key indicators such as cost, quality, service and speed

Xia Zengfu pointed to the drawing and compared: the equipment in the original screw workshop was discharged according to the same process, which looked good-looking but not practical. Every time a process was completed, it had to be transported to the next process area. It took time, effort and cost, and sometimes there would be bumps, resulting in the decline of product quality. After repeated design by Americans, the equipment will not be placed in rows in the future, but will be placed according to the production process flow of the products, and the products from the previous channel will be sent to the next channel through the transmission track, one after another; In terms of product quality assurance, the former is responsible for the latter, and the latter inspects the former. With professional inspectors, the quality is more guaranteed. The biggest benefit of process reengineering is to reduce staff, improve quality and increase efficiency. Xia Zengfu introduced that according to the American design, the staff will be reduced by 1/3 and the efficiency will be increased by 15%; The goal of Huaya is to reduce staff by 10% and increase efficiency by 15%

through years of exchanges with many foreign merchants, Xia Zengfu came to the conclusion that they are more interested in management and details, including the environment of the plant. He said that all aspects were considered in the design of the new plant, including the establishment of a small park in the plant and a special smoking area in the small park

smoking, Xia Zengfu said frankly, this is also a test for me

travel around the world and foreign trade talents are in demand

when driving on the streets of Ligang, Jintang, you can meet several foreigners with yellow hair and blue eyes from time to time

in the eyes of Jintang people, this is no wonder. Liuyinv, deputy general manager of Zhoushan Dinghai Chen Machinery Co., Ltd., said that now more and more foreigners are coming to Jintang, all for the screw

occupy the international market, carry the screw abroad and sell it to foreigners. This has gradually become the consensus of Jintang screw business owners. At present, domestic competition is fierce, the profit is low, and the payment for goods is difficult to negotiate. It is sooner or later to do foreign trade. In order to expand the international market, yuan nengjun, the president of Zhejiang Dongbin rubber screw Co., Ltd., offered a high price of 5% commission on the basis of guaranteed wages to attract foreign trade talents. He said that the price is estimated to be quite high in China

yuan nengjun is not the only one who hires foreign trade personnel at a high price. In this regard, Bao Guangming has a headache: screw enterprises are the most short of foreign trade talents, and the incidents of mutual corner digging between Jintang screw enterprises are frequent. It is urgent to strengthen the introduction and training of foreign trade talents. As long as I have experience and ability, and sincerely help the company develop foreign markets, I can give them shares. Liu Yinu, vice president of Chen, spared no effort to retain talents because she had suffered a lot. Last year, a manager of the foreign trade department who was poached by others took away many customer resources during Chen's period

relying on foreign trade talents to expand the market is a key for Jintang screw business owners to test the international market. Huaye has its own strategy. Xia Zengfu revealed that their product research and development has been at the forefront of the world, and they are registering international trademarks to launch their brands into the international market. Chen also took a substantive step. 10 years ago, he set up the first screw maintenance base in Indonesia, relying on maintenance to expand the market. Now he has three companies in Indonesia and is interested in developing markets in other countries. Jintang screw enterprises are going abroad to participate in trade fairs all over the world. 11. Host form: portal frame structure, accelerating the pace of entering the international market

industrial agglomeration, merchants no longer doubt that the plant is rented

walked into the general manager's office of Zhejiang Jiacheng Machinery Co., Ltd., and the boss yaohaifeng was discussing the replacement of the transformer with the relevant person in charge of the power plant. Originally installed, but now it's not enough. Yaohaifeng sighed that since moving into xihou industrial cluster, the company has moved towards scale and efficiency. Last year, under the bad environment, the output value of the company still increased, and the current production has been arranged for three months. The situation is very good, which has a lot to do with moving into the park. The efficiency has been improved by at least 20%

as the first enterprise to move into xihou Industrial Park, Yao Haifeng has a deep understanding of the agglomeration effect of the park. Originally, Jiacheng had four factories in Jintang shantan, which cost a lot of production, and products were often collided and scrapped. What makes yaohaifeng even more embarrassing is that when taking customers to visit the factory, many businessmen suspect that their factory is rented

in the production workshop of Jiacheng, I saw that the workers were busy. Yaohaifeng said that with the new corporate image and good production environment, customers will naturally increase their trust in the enterprise

Yao Haifeng also calculated the account: the transportation and labor costs between the original four factory districts can be saved, and the recent "action plan for water pollution prevention and control" issued by the Chinese government also just confirms this 11000 yuan, because the loss of screw damage during transportation can be reduced by at least 200000 yuan, not including the management cost. To be honest, it's easier to take raw materials now, because the factory is nearby

the purpose of xihou industrial agglomeration zone is to build an agglomeration platform, form an industrial chain connecting upstream and downstream, and guide the development of Jintang screw industry to collectivization and intensification. Zhuyanjun, deputy director of the Economic Development Department of Jintang Management Committee, said that at present, the park has been equipped with screw production enterprises, enterprises providing screw raw materials, enterprises specializing in screw heat treatment and screw waste recycling, and a public research and development platform for screw products is also being built

statistics show that 31 of the 37 enterprises introduced into the park have started construction, of which 22 have been put into operation, and the output value is expected to reach 500 million yuan this year

today, with the localization of the international market and the internationalization of the local market, integration into internationalization is an inevitable process. For Jintang screw enterprises, which have occupied 70% of the domestic market, mastering the discourse power of the international screw Market is not only the inevitable demand of their own transformation and upgrading, but also the lifeblood of their future survival and development

to clarify the breakthrough path and occupy the international market, the key is that the products should have international competitiveness, and the premise is to have international vision and international standards. As for the process reengineering of Huaye, the reason why American experts are hired to design at a high price is to learn to introduce advanced technology from Germany, the United States and other countries, because only with international standards can products be competitive in the international market

process reengineering, seemingly simple, is actually a revolution in the screw industry. This revolution may seem late, but it is not too late. Only with this continuous revolution can screw enterprises win long-term vitality

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