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The macro negative PTA will be slightly adjusted

Zhengzhou PTA futures was under pressure to callback on the 16th, and the main 1201 contract closed at 9592 yuan/ton, down 180 yuan. As the boosting effect of device problems on PTA prices is gradually digested by the market, macro systemic negative factors once again dominate market sentiment, PTA futures prices continue to rise, lack of strong support, short high pressure and long profit taking make a sense to customers that futures prices are under great pressure. In terms of technology, PTA began to make technical adjustments, and the figure was far from the moving average, so it was necessary to continue to fall back to the vicinity of the moving average. Crude oil fell overnight, and short-term PTA is expected to be weak

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed down on the 16th, reversing most of the gains made on the 15th. Investors were worried about the prospect of crude oil demand due to the slowdown of economic growth in the eurozone. NYMEX September light crude oil futures fell $1.23, or 1.4%, to close at $86.65 a barrel. Ice September Brent crude oil settlement price fell $0.44 to $109.47 a barrel

Asia PX is stable in USD/T FOB South Korea; Europe is stable in USD/ton FOB Rotterdam; The United States is stable in the US dollar/ton FOB US Gulf. Ice cotton futures fell slightly on Tuesday, pressured by a small number of investors' sales, with sparse intraday trading and the lowest trading volume since last summer

in terms of spot goods, the quotation in East China PTA spot market is mostly maintained at 9650 yuan/ton, the purchase intention is less than 9600 yuan/ton, and the negotiated valuation is 9600 yuan/ton. The negotiation in the PTA Market in Asia is a little light. Taiwan ships offer 1250 US dollars/ton, and the Buyer intends to pay 1235 US dollars/ton. The negotiation valuation is 12 US dollars/ton, especially for waste diesel enterprises. South Korea ships negotiate 1230 US dollars/ton

in the downstream market, the offer of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester is generally stable, and some factories are moderately preferential for promotion. Some uniaxial compressive strength tests of individual factories: the rock test is carried out between the upper and lower platens of the press, and the price of pressurized varieties rises and falls, down 2 The accuracy of the experimental machine should be ± 1%. The market is weak and the funds are tight, and most of them are purchased carefully. As of 3:30, the production and sales of mainstream factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are good, most of them, some small factories are about 200% higher, and some factories have high prices. Direct spinning polyester short was driven by the increase of some quotations yesterday, and there was a small replenishment action in the downstream, but the price was relatively stable

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