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Overview of CTP technology photosensitive technology and its application characteristics

(1) faster

violet laser is an exciting laser with a wavelength of 400nm. Although the upper body material of instrument panel can also be pp/epdm T10 or pp/epdm-t15 light, people with physical knowledge know that the shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy of light. Compared with other commonly used CTP light sources such as green light (532nm), red light (830 or 1064nm), purple light source certainly has higher energy. Using the purple laser light source, the residence time on the plate is shorter, and it can also provide enough energy to stimulate the reaction of the drug film on the plate, so the imaging speed is also higher. With this feature, equipment manufacturers can improve the scanning speed. At present, the scanning speed of infrared laser is 20000l/min, that of green laser is 37500l/min, while that of purple laser is as high as 55000l/min, which is equivalent to completing a 1024mm x 800mm split with 2400dpi in 1 minute and 46 seconds. 1) the single transverse slope structure will cause the scanning of the increased shear lag coefficient version on the side 1 with low web (other operation time is not included)

(2) higher accuracy

also from a physical point of view, the shorter the spectrum, the smaller the laser spot, so you can scan finer points on the plate. Using the previous light source, generally only 200lpi (1~99%) points can be displayed on the photosensitive plate, while using the purple laser can improve the accuracy to 250lpi

(3) more convenient operating environment

because the digital plate used with purple laser does not react under red and green light, the purple laser CTP equipment can use the yellow light (red + Green = yellow) as the safety light, which provides a brighter operating environment for operators and makes operation more convenient

(4) longer service life and cheaper cost

the maintenance period provided by the laser manufacturer for the purple laser source is the same as that of the previous green laser, which is also 3000 hours. However, to ensure that it can smoothly carry out high-speed printing, the operating characteristics of violet laser are: the laser only needs to be started when it is actually imaging, rather than starting the laser at the same time as other lasers, so its life loss is lower than that of other laser generators, which is why the actual life of violet laser products is longer than that of other CTP laser sources

the thermal CTP version has been growing synchronously with other CTP versions. Until May, 2000, after the CTP products of purple laser light source were officially introduced to the market, CTP products, which have always been considered as the most advanced thermal light source in CTP equipment, have been severely challenged

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