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Overview of domestic LDPE market

in January 2001, due to the arrival of the Spring Festival, the demand for LDPE in the domestic market was flat, and the price was in a narrow fluctuation state. Taking film materials as an example, the market prices in Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang remain at 8200 ~ 8300 yuan (ton price, the same below), 8300 ~ 8400 yuan in Shanghai and Nanjing, and 8500 yuan in Guangzhou and Wuhan

affected by the long Spring Festival holiday, users entered the rest state earlier than in previous years, and some production enterprises also reduced the operating rate. In terms of price, there is no clear expectation for the future market. Moreover, domestic petrochemical enterprises have no price adjustment measures for the ex factory price of low-density polyethylene for the time being, and it can be concluded that the deformation of the sample, and the seller will not take the initiative to reduce or increase the price at this time. Even if the price is further reduced, it will not stimulate market demand, because most users have a strong wait-and-see mentality

in February, the long Spring Festival holiday has ended, and the production of enterprises has also begun to enter a normal state. Users and dealers have entered the market, and the prices of low-density polyethylene in various parts of the country have risen. Taking film materials as an example, the prices in Shenyang, Beijing and Dalian rose to 8300 ~ 8400 yuan, 8500 yuan in Shanghai and Nanjing markets, and 8600 yuan in Guangzhou market

main reasons: first, after the Spring Festival, downstream enterprises gradually resumed production and demand increased. Second, the international oil price showed an upward trend after the Spring Festival, and domestic petrochemical enterprises took this opportunity to adjust the ex factory price of low-density polyethylene. Third, the high price of natural gas in the United States has led to a sharp rise in polyethylene prices in Latin American countries. Driven by interests, polyethylene products from South Korea and Singapore are exported to Latin American countries, and there will be a short-term supply tension in Asia. China has also been affected. It is worth noting that although the domestic low-density polyethylene price has increased, the user response is not positive, the trading atmosphere is still significantly low, the sales volume is significantly reduced, there are few big deals, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong

in March, the domestic market of low-density polyethylene did not appear the market that circulation people generally believe will rise further, but there was a situation of rising and falling again. Taking film materials as an example, the market price in Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang fell to 8200 ~ 8300 yuan, that in Shanghai, Nanjing and other underground markets fell to 8300 yuan, and that in Guangzhou market fell to 8400 yuan

main reasons: first, the import arrival in March was relatively concentrated, and the arrival volume was relatively large, which significantly increased the pressure on market sales. The low cost and price of imported products force domestic petrochemical enterprises to cut prices. Yanshan Petrochemical, Jinshan petrochemical, Guangzhou Petrochemical and Maoming Petrochemical all lowered their prices to varying degrees. Second, the quotation of LDPE in the international market has changed from consolidation to decline

major exporters such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China province of China have lowered their export quotations for LDPE, which has put great pressure on the domestic market. Third, domestic demand is insufficient, which is the main factor. The market is generally in a weak state, users' purchases are reduced, and there are not many big deals. Dealers are not sure about the future market, and generally dare not take the initiative to build inventory

after entering April, the domestic low-density polyethylene market price failed to get rid of the shadow of continuous decline in March, and gradually adjusted downward on and off, and the market sentiment index basically lost. Although there was a slight sign of stabilization in the first ten days, it was only a flash in the pan. Due to the increasing import volume, the inventory of domestic production enterprises continues to increase. Domestic demand is seriously insufficient, and supply exceeds demand is becoming increasingly serious. In order to compete, domestic enterprises have reduced their ex factory prices, leading to further reduction in market prices. Taking film materials as an example, the market price in Shandong, Beijing, Shenyang and Dalian fell to 7700 ~ 7800 yuan, and the market price in Guangzhou was only 7901 yuan. The tonnage of plastic experimental machine was 0 ~ 8000 yuan

main reasons: first, the ethylene market is in a situation of oversupply, and the domestic low-density polyethylene market demand can not be effectively amplified, showing a sluggish situation. The substitution of linear low-density polyethylene and other plastic raw materials has made the market share of low-density polyethylene general-purpose materials more and more small, and the influx of a large number of imported low-density polyethylene has increased the inventory pressure of domestic enterprises. The price of imported low-density polyethylene is relatively lower than that of domestic products. In order to compete, domestic enterprises have to reduce the ex factory price again and again, so that the market prices in all parts of the country fall again and again. Second, the world economy is depressed, which is also an important reason for the downturn of low-density polyethylene market. In particular, the economic downturn in the United States has seriously affected the export of China's products, thus affecting the improvement of the low-density polyethylene market. The downturn in the international market has also led to the continued downward trend in the quotations of major suppliers in the domestic market

the tensile strength is also high. In May, the domestic low-density polyethylene market was affected by the "May Day" holiday, the demand continued to shrink, the market was more depressed than the previous period, and the price showed a continuous downward trend. Taking film materials as an example, the market price of Shandong has fallen to 7150 ~ 7350 yuan, and that of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 7250 ~ 7400 yuan. This is mainly due to the increasingly obvious trend of oversupply in the market. There are too many resources and weak market demand. In order to solve the problem of high inventory, some low-density polyethylene production enterprises began to introduce various preferential measures during the "May Day" period, which stimulated the market to continue to fall. On the other hand, the domestic market has a very obvious feature of "low peak season", which has cast a great shadow on the psychology of many users, and their confidence in the future market continues to decline. In addition, as low-cost imports continue to impact the Chinese market, domestic competition has become more intense. In order to achieve the specified production and sales rate, domestic enterprises have taken a variety of preferential and price reduction measures to reduce the high inventory and obtain a larger market share

in June, the overall demand for LDPE in the domestic market is still weak, and the price is unable to rise. Taking film materials as an example, the prices in Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang all fell to 7000 ~ 7200 yuan, the market prices in East China were 7100 ~ 7200 yuan, and the market prices in Guangzhou were also generally 7100 ~ 7200 yuan, but the trading volume was still small. After July, market participants estimated that one of the main reasons for the low-density polyethylene market is that flexible packaging does not mean that consumers in all countries will accept repeated pricing, but the overall price level is not high

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